A fun day of lows!

I just wrote a blog post and now I’m writing another one. I suppose I could have combined the two, but meh. I’m waiting for CCleaner to run on a computer and for whatever reason, it is taking a record amount of time to finish.


Yesterday was a super weird day for my diabetes. I was just plain LOW all day long. My pump tells me my meter average was 77 and my sensor average was 87. And my sensor rarely goes as low as I actually am when low, and I don’t think I punched all my low meter readings into the pump.

It started out with me waking up in the 50s. Had 3 glucose tabs, went to exercise. Now, every other day I’ve exercised since September, I’ve needed extra insulin. It’s taken me a long time to control spikes from intense exercise (I’m in a local Adventure Boot Camp). Well, yesterday was my first day to go low from exercise. I was 41 when I came home.

Ate breakfast… more than usual, about 30 carbs. Peaked around 150 after that, and came down FAST. Mid-morning I was low again and had another 16 carbs.

Was low AGAIN before lunch. Low again mid-afternoon. Low again before dinner. Low again after dinner. Had super carby snack. Went low again before bed. Which didn’t make me happy because I had to replace my CGM sensor last night, and calibrating while low just doesn’t work well.

I was in the 50s before bed and had 4 glucose tabs. Woke up about an hour later and was still low! Had another 3 glucose tabs.

This morning I woke up at 64.

CRAZY! I had well over 200 carbs yesterday (I usually have under 150) and took the least amount of insulin in one day since starting my pump.

I don’t know what was going on. It could be a couple things combined: (1) my body is changing right now–I’m eating healthier, exercising, and hopefully losing weight; (2) my period just ended.

I adjusted my basal rates down yesterday, and even my insulin/carb ratio up one (haha). So far I’m still running low. I was 57 about 45 minutes ago, but up to 107 now (woohoo) after undershooting a tad with my mid-morning snack.

The bad thing is, I don’t really notice when I’m in the 50s anymore. Yesterday was the mother of all low days, however I’ve been having more mild low issues constantly.

On the plus side, I got the Pumping Insulin book over the weekend, and hopefully it will help me adjust better! :slight_smile:

Jaclyn this happens to me all day when I am active. I have to cut my basal in half and I sip on Gatorade all day. However I have never been one to go high with exercise. I always go low. I also do not exercise or do any active activity 2 to 3 hours after a bolus since that is when the sugar seems to disappear from my blood. I also don’t cover small carb snacks. I have 4 patterns set in my pump. Active, normal, sick and pms still tweaking them but it helps to have them set for the day I am going to have.
Be well and be loved