Time is an elusive character for me. How do people find the time to stop what they are doing to do a test, perhaps take meds, perhaps eat, and then write everything down? I feel constantly pushed and pulled in one direction or the other. Always putting others first, making sure they are taken care of before I take care of myself. This has proven to be detrimental to me. Diabetes shouldn’t be, but seems like, a full-time job…. and the pay stinks…

What he said! Increase the wage for PWDs!!

PWDs are some of the world’s best multi-taskers, natch.

I can check my blood sugar while stopping at a red light, asking my son about his school day, toting up the carb grams I plan to eat after I get home and throw dinner on the stove, and making a mental note to call in a refill on my insulin prescription.

Remember, fasten the oxygen mask around your face before assisting others.

I never log anything by hand unless I am having serious troubles I can’t figure out… and to be honest I was never a good logger, even from the beginning… the only times I’ve been good about writing anything down was while I was pregnant, and that was only because my OB made me. I have been an avid UltraSmart meter user since it was introduced 6+ years ago, and now that I am using the Ping meter that part is the same… I can make note of whether a reading is before/after a meal, activity, or if I’m not feeling well… which makes it really easy to go back and look at what is working and what is not working.

Wearing a CGM is also beneficial in that I can see “real time” results of what I am doing… I also don’t rely on my “team” to suggest/make changes for me, so essentially the only person who CAN benefit from any logs is… me. And I do very well without them. My endo’s office does download my meter, pump, and CGM when I go to see them… it’s all kept in my file, so they have basically the same info I do, and have a record of changes I’ve made… it’s rare they actually suggest something.

Something that I have found really helps me stay “on top” of things, is making little rules I make myself stick to. After a while they just become second nature… I don’t remind myself any more, I just do things.

Thanks! These are all very helpful comments! I guess I should be securing my mask first!

I don’t really record a whole lot anymore. But i am able to test my sugar and take insulin or whatever while driving quite easily. However that might be a little harder with you on your bike. I wouldn’t suggest testing yourself or taking insulin on the hog. haha, but i know how you feel… i wish i could get a frickin raise or atleast a day off from my second job.

Yeah, trying to work the clutch, brake, throttle, and syringe can get a little tricky…
I should have mentioned in the blog the reason why I’m writing everything down is because my A1C has been high. My Endo wants to take a look at why it is so high. Writing things down REALLY shows you what is going on. If Diabetes is a job, I should have been fired. I’m getting better though. I just went from 9 to 8.3.
I’ve hit my 20 year mark as a T1 and as my body gets older it reacts differently to diet and exercise (or lack thereof).