One week to go!

This time in one week, I’ll no longer be Miss Svensson, but MRS Svensson since a few hours! Wow, time is really flying. Only work monday and tuesday in this coming week. And on wednesday my fiance and I are going up to my parents to make the last preparations which includes a trip to a nearby SPA :smiley:

Haven’t been testing my levels much in the past few days. But did test about an hour ago and it was 124, don’t know if I should be happy about that or not seeing it was about 4h after dinner…

Home alone now. My fiance is out with some friends celebrating someone’s birthday. Not too happy about him being out this late and at night. If it was up to me, everyone would meet friends in daytime and sleep at night LOL I just don’t get why all parties and stuff starts at bedtime! I’ve never been out partying at night except for just sitting at some friend’s place with a group of people. I don’t touch alcohol other than for hand desinfection, and that’s the only thing it should be used for… Desinfection!

Sitting listening to traditional songs from my fiance’s hometown in China. I can’t understand a word of the lyrics but it’s so peaceful listening to the songs and the dialect they sing in- Wu Chinese. But most westerners would never be able to enjoy that kind of music. It’s just too traditional. But I like it a lot :slight_smile: Should maybe browse youtube and see if I can find some video with it so I can share it with all of you. Or I could upload a couple of videos I took on the engagement dinner in China in may. Two of the guests in the dinner were nationally recognized Suzhou drama actors who preform traditional songs and they were singing a couple of songs in the dinner :slight_smile: He after a lot of pressure from the other guests, she because she wanted me to hear it. Feels very special :slight_smile:

Jennie, I wish you many years of happiness with your beloved. I also wish you a joyful wedding day, and that you feel in top form for all the festivities. A wedding always makes this old married lady nostalgic - I remember the look in my husband’s eyes during our ceremony - it was so special, he’s been unable to recreate it in all these years! keep us posted sometimes.

I’ll update as much as possible :slight_smile: Will probably keep blogging a bit from my parents place as well, and try to scribble something down and put pictures up as soon as possible after the wedding :smiley:

Found the song I was listening to on youtube :slight_smile: Here’s the link! 苏州好风光 (Suzhou hao feng guang) 朱虹 - YouTube And the pictures in the background is my cutie’s hometown^^ Love that place!

Lots of luck to you.Enjoy married life.Congradulations!