Today is the day!

I’m getting married in just a few hours!
Got out of the shower not long ago. Sitting here now waiting for my hair to dry a bit. Going to wake my fiance as soon as mum get out of the shower so my fiance can take a shower too. Going to have breakfast as soon as everyone has taken a shower and then off I go to the hairdresser!
Am I nervous? Nope!
Bridezilla? Nope! Except for forcing mum to buy a new dress for herself yesterday hihi She had been robbing granma’s closet before :open_mouth: The fashion these days Sheesh! Found a dress anyways, which did not look like it came from granma’s closet :smiley:

Now I’d better collect my makeup and accessories and take out my dress so I don’t forget something when going to the hairdresser.
Pics will be up by tomorrow or monday^^

Oh wonderful news Jennie! Congratulations =) I wish you the best. Im sure you will be so beautiful. Now you go girl! This is your day. Post pictures after okay? I love weddings!

Congratulations! How exciting! Cant wait to see pictures.

My favorite TV show is say yes to the dress, so I cannot wait to see pictures. :slight_smile:


congrats… so exciting. cannot wait to see the pics… much happiness!!

Congratulations on this day of your life as a duo. May you have a great life together.

OOOOO The Day is here…Remember, something old, something new,something borrowed, something blue…Congrats…

Wedding pics are my favorite. Can’t wait! Congrats!!!