One year later

So. A year ago, on August 17th, 2008, I was diagnosed. What a year. Honestly. It’s been crazy. In one way, it went by really fast, but… more than that, I can’t believe it’s only been a year. Does anyone else feel like that? I can’t remember what it was like to not be doing this. This is my life! I don’t remember what it was like eat chips out of the bag… and not be counting in my head as i eat each one. So… although it’s been a fast year, this is my life, and it feels like i’ve always been doing this.

So… anyways. I just thought I’d remember back a year and describe the day I was diagnosed.

August 13th, 2008… my mom took me to an outdoor piano concert. I don’t remember that much of the concert. I remember it was good… but I wasn’t even sitting with her for half the time. About every 20 minutes, I’d get up to go to the bathroom, then nearly suck the water out of the drinking fountain. And, every time I sat down again, I thought that was the last time I’d need to get up. But… I was SOOOOO thirsty. I wanted to die, I was so thirsty. No matter how much I drank… I always needed more. I would just stand at the drinking fountain for what seemed like an hour. And… before I knew it, I had to go to the bathroom again, and was thirsty again. On the ride home, my mom (retired nurse) started to show concern for how much I was drinking. I told her I just REALLY loved water. I couldn’t get enough of it. She said “I think you might have diabetes.”. And… automatically, I’m thinking “That’s what grandma had. That’s what “fat kids” get. Does she think I’m THAT fat?” Anyways, I laughed it off. That was impossible. ME??! have “diabetes”??? I don’t think so. I don’t get sick. (except for having a bad case of Pneumonia that spring… which is probably what triggered my pancreas’ slow and painful death, lol) Then, during the long drive home, she stopped at McDonald’s to get herself a Diet Coke. I got a large drink… and first filled it with water. I stood at the soft drink machine and chugged all the water, then filled it back up with lemonade (not the best thing for me to have been drinking, huh?). And, before we got back in the car, i went to the bathroom. again.

The next day, I went to Walmart and bought a 1/2 gallon water bottle. I drank a few of those a day. The next day, I weighed myself. After eating ice-cream during the week… and not exercising ONCE, I’d lost 5 lbs. Man, I was happy!! Why wouldn’t I want to lose weight with little/no effort?

Then, Saturday night (16th), my mom calls a guy at our church who’s a type 1. I pretty much KNOW I’m not diabetic. But… I’m like “whatever, mom! you’re so paranoid!!! i’ll do it just to make you feel better, though.” She asks him to bring his testing stuff to church the next morning (haha… little did we know… a diabetic ALWAYS has this stuff with them. no need to ask.).

So, the next morning, his family was a bit late to church. We’d already started worship. When I saw him walk in, my mom was like “why don’t you go do it now.” So… I walked to the back, and he took my bg. It took FOREVER for his meter to read it. He made a note of that. And, when it finally displayed a number… I had no clue what it meant. I was like “is that bad?”. It was 511. I went and got my mom. She talks to him, and he tells her that she needs to call our doctor. Well… doctors aren’t in on Sundays! so… we get ahold of someone, and they tell my mom to take me to the ER. At this point, one of my little sisters is sobbing her eyes out… and I’m trying to be strong! I’m thinking to myself… “This is okay. I’ll live. This is actually almost exciting. Nothing bad has ever happened to me before. And… Nick Jonas has this disease! He’s doing fine!” ha. wow. i wasn’t so strong once we were at the hospital.

We snuck our way out of church. First, we drove home so we could get dressed. Once we were at the ER, things started getting crazy. I got my first ever IV. first time in an ER, too. they were feeding me nasty nasty food. and… they were basically trying to shove knowledge at me. I mean, i had no clue what “type 1 diabetes” was. and now they’re trying to teach me how to keep myself alive! it was scary! and then, I finally took out my phone, and saw that my best friend called. we go to the same church, and she didn’t see me leave. she left a message saying that she didn’t see me after church, and was wondering where i’d gone. She said she hoped I was alright. then, I had to call her back and tell her why she didn’t see me that day. omg… that was the hardest phone call ever. The first few words were totally calm and relaxed. “Hey, Lex.” “Hi, Em. Where were you?” “Um…” and then i started sobbing so loud, I could barely speak. “I’m in the ER. I have diabetes.” And… wow. It was terrible. Because just a few nights before, we’d been talking on the phone. And I told her how my mom was getting paranoid about me possibly having diabetes. She’s a very paranoid person, too. But I told her I was fine… and that there was nothing to worry about. So, to tell her I was in the ER? Not a fun conversation.

Anyways… (this next part is kinda funny) after a few hours of being the ER, my mom’s old friend comes to be with her and my dad. She comes in, and wants to pray for me. I really don’t know her that well… but I was totally up for being prayed for! But… I don’t know what kind of church she goes to… and she was doing this different. lol. Like… she placed her hand on the top of my head (while sitting on a hospital bed wearing a gown) and then, after she prayed, she put oil on my forehead. I don’t know what that was about… but I was kinda internally laughing. (And a week after getting out of the hospital, she called me. She wanted to sing me a song. LOL!!! it was SOOOO funny. my friends love when I tell this story, because I “sing” the song she sang to me. it’s so hilarious.)

Then, they moved me to the ICU where I spent the night. They wanted me to stay a 2nd night (I was still 250ish when I left), but I nearly dropped to my knees and pleaded with them to let me go home!! But… the one fun thing about staying in the ICU… was my male nurse!!! omg. he was SOOOOO gay. This is when the Olympics were on. So, I’m watching male gymnastics, and he walks in. It’s some massive russian dude doing a floor routine. He messed up a little during it, and as he’s walked off the floor, he looks really upset with himself. My gay nurse says “Oh-mi-god. I don’t know what he’s so upset about. I mean… if I had hot buns like that, I wouldn’t get upset over anything.” and… i’m totally out of it and i feel really sick… so at the time, i’m just like “yeah. totally.” lol.

anyways… I think I’ll write more tomorrow. This is just some of the stuff that really stands out in my mind when I think about being diagnosed. But… I’m getting tired. So, I’ll try to write more tomorrow (on my actual 1 year anniversary).