Ontario Lantus users

Good news for us Ontario residents who use Lantus. I saw this on Global last night and ther e is a story on their web page. Lantus (and five other various drugs) will be paid for by the Ontario government under the drug formulary for such things. They didn’t give a date. At $140,00 per 5 cartridge package and just Trillium Drug Plan coverage this will really help.

I got it yesterday at my pharmacy under the Trillium Drug Plan as an Ontario Senior and am switching to it from Levemir which has not been approved.

Yes…it’s very exciting. It was the perfect timing for me too! My honeymoon is ending and I had to split my Humulin n and I’m hoping that Lantus will last the 24 hrs. I’ll try it out and see how it goes. I’m just so glad that it’s covered by Trillium.
I hear Levemir is even better but not approved…hopefully it will be in the near future. Hooray for us!!!

That’s Terrific news Carol. Thanks for posting it. I missed that one. That will make some pretty Happy Diabetics.

I hope that the Lantus works for 24 hours for you Nadia. I went straight to the split dose since it doesn’t work 24 hours for most and I wanted full coverage. Good Luck! :slight_smile:

Dear Carol. Why not use the 1000 unit vial that is only about $60 here in Alberta. I guess you have to use at least 35 units per day to make this worthwhile since the vial only last 28 days. I use a big enough seringe for two days worth to minimize the amount of plastic garbage. In my case the dose last a bit longer than 24 hours so taking it at night is not a good idea since it would overlap with interesting results like stars and the shakes.

Well I’ve been on the Lantus for about three weeks now. I’m also having to increase my insulin, my honeymoon is slowly ending. What I’ve noticed is that Lantus does not last 24hrs for me. It last around 19 to 20 hrs in total. I will have to split my dosage. I guess Lantus reacts differently with everyone.

maybe i should move to ontario… haha