Open enrollment!

It’s that time of the year and employers are encouraging there employees to enroll in insurance benefits.

What I have notice in recent years if having to go online and complete a survey about my health. And of course I check Diabetes (X). Then they start sending you emails/reminders. Did you do this? Did you do that? And then they want you to update your “health record” so that they can help you improve or make suggestions on how to care for yourself. (No thanks I have been doing this D-thing for 37 years).

LET ME GET TO THE POINT! I got an email that it was time to review my health record and it blew me away! Test results, prescribed medications, more test results, every Dr that the insurance company has paid a health claim too with all the test results.

Why did I have to complete a health survey if they know everything about me. I felt that this record could be used against me for a health judgement. I would think that this info would be private between me and my Doctor. Don’t you think? Doesn’t Heppa? Heappa? What ever it is would protect my medical info from others. I get more privacy in the Clinics reception line. Stay back behind the line please!

What is your opinion?