Operation Corndog

My son is going to eat corn dogs and nachos. I am so proud.

Benny's in first grade and he's been asking to buy lunch at school since day one last year. Since he has type 1 diabetes, that's a bit of a challenge. We base the amount of insulin he gets on the number of carbs he eats - and you've got to count each and every one.

We pack lunch every day and include a list of the carbs in each item. A staff member has to eyeball what's left from Benny's lunch and make sure he gets the right amount of insulin. We have a very supportive school staff and so far, this system has worked beautifully.

However, buying lunch is very popular at our school and our 5th grade daughter buys at least 3 days a week. Of course Benny wants in. This week, we're making it happen. I met with all of our school helpers and here's the plan:

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At the school where I teach (where we have only 1 T1 student), our cafeteria worker is a T2 on a pump so she's a GREAT help with dosing him for the carbs he eats.

Congrats, Stacey, you're a very brave woman!

Good luck with that.

Yummy! I love corndogs and nachos, although it's been a while since I ate them @ the same time....

Thanks so much for the support! I wasn't sure what you all would think about this. So appreciate your kind words. (I'll keep you posted on how Benny does with the new lunch routine!)

Stacey, how could you miss such a great learning opportunity for Benny, never mind a way for him to 'fit in'! A lot more work than just saying no but so worth it.