"Helping the Student with Diabetes Succeed..."

Hi everyone. I just had a preliminary planning meeting with personnel from Caleb's new school next year. It's the first time we've met in advance as opposed to just before the beginning of school. Doing it the week before school has always made me anxious since everyone is so busy getting things ready and so much of the schedule is already established - so things like snack time and lunch time are already set in stone as opposed to coordinated with a schedule that works for Caleb. Not that he needs to be specifically tailored to, but some things work better than others and knowing in advance helps a great deal.

But more to my point, it was a great meeting. We went through his 504 plan point by point and I feel that the transition will be a good one. As I was preparing I looked back to my "Helping Students with Diabetes Succeed in School" packet. I found one online that was updated in 2010 and I think it has several very relevant updates in it. I went through the whole document again, which was a great review for me since we've gotten into such a groove these past four years in the same school.

I highly recommend it whether you're new to this game or been in it for years. It's comprehensive, yet not so detailed it makes you fall asleep. :)

My best to you all as you plan for your children's care at school. Ask for everything, know what's an absolute, non-negotiable priority and where you are willing to compromise. I believe that people who dedicate their lives to educating our children have good intentions and want what is best for them, but truly only we, as their parents, know exactly what that is when is comes to being a student with diabetes.

Here is where you can get the guide.

This is great! Thanks for sharing. My dd is going to a new school next year. It is a private school with NO nurse. I have spoken with several folks, but will be doing a formal "training" with key people soon. I am grateful DD is older and can "do" most of her D care without much help. Of course everyone needs to know what do "just in case." Thanks again and good luck in the new school!

I'm so glad to be able to share this - thanks for your comments. Good luck to all in your new schools as well. I find the section of "suggested" duties by job description helpful. Even if you don't have a nurse, you at least have those duties outlined to be properly assigned to others.