Operations with Diabetes

What are people supposed to do if they have diabetes and need an operation. For instance like a colonoscopy or any surgery that requires you to be put under for a few hours. Just curious. How do they make sure you don't go hypo or make sure you don't go above like 200 or so. Thanks

I let them know that I have diabetes as soon as I get there. I use a CGM and explain to them what is is and what to do with it. I have brought both my Omnipod PDM and my dexcom with me during my time “on the table”. They do not object to it. At least the hospitals I use.

I do MDI. I’ve had 2 c-sections, an ovary removal, a tubal ligation and catararct surgery while put under. They used a glucose I.V. drip to make sure that I didn’t go low. They checked my sugar prior to the surgeries to make sure that it was okay. The surgeries didn’t take long. The actual surgery success and completion is their main goal. If the sugars go a bit high for a short while it isn’t a big concern, as long as it is brought down to normal soon after for Better healing. They do prefer blood sugars to be in Good range for a while before an operation however. Only a couple little things happened that weren’t expected due to my surgeries and it didn’t have anything to do with my Diabetes or glucose levels. Everything otherwise went Well. Good Luck!

When I had my sinus surgery, they said that they would test every 30 min while I was under and treat as necessary. I have no proof that they did the monitoring, but my bg was fine when I went in and fine when I woke up. They’re probably less likely to treat a high than a low but I don’t know what their criteria are for intervening (though my guess it would be a bit higher than 200 for treating a high).

I am having my second knee replacement surgery and my surgen has an Internest that acts as attending physician and he take very good care of me. I will have a physical a week before the surgery and all will be mapped out. My first knee replacement in 2009 I had shifted to MDI before the surgery and the attending physician did very well. This time I am waiting to see what he does since I am on Victoza and Novolog. should be interesting.

Thanks… I actually don’t have any surgery upcoming. My mom just had surgery and it got me thinking.

There’s supposed to be a pre-anesthesia interview with the person giving the anesthesia.
At this time, you discuss your regular dosage, e.g., pump, MDI (basal/boluses). the most important thing is that your basal should be keeping you even around the clock. If that is so, you’ll give your basal same as always the day of surgery. You’ll omit any boluses since you won’t be eating until afterward. They run a neutral IV so in case they want to give you glucose, they can. After you wake up, they want to give you some fluids to drink so they can be assured you’re not nauseated. At that point, it is up to you to decide if you wish to bolus for OJ, or if you want to just have water to drink. A person can bring a prefilled syringe in a Frio with enough insulin to cover a half glass of OJ in case he wants it.