I was wondering if anyone here has tried the Liquid diet called Optifast? I was wondering if anyone has any exprience with it. Since it is a medically monitored diet and few places do it here in Ontario, Canada.

It consists of 4 meal replacement shakes a day until you reach your target weight, then they slowly incorparate healthy meal choices into your life. It seems doable, but I am alittle leary of being on a liquid diet for 3 or 4 months.

Anyways at the end of Sept. I have a meeting with my Endo and I was going to ask him about it, and see if it would be a viable option for weight lose?

I have tried other liquid diets, and although they sound good, and they can work, it’s much healthier in my opinion to be eating healthy foods. Yea, it’s much more work to plan a meal rather than just open a can and down the liquid, but I found that my shortly, maybe 2 weeks into it, my body craved, and I mean CRAVED, something to chew on…after four weeks, my whole system was changing, to not functioning properly, and I had to go back to eating a lo carb diet, using the liquids for those times, when eating was impossible, a long trip, perhaps a very busy day, a snack, etc. But I’d be interested in hearing what your endo says, as my CNP/CRE was not happily impressed even with a weight loss. Once I started eating “real” food again, it slowly crept back on. Good luck, I hope you get what you are looking for.