Would like some polite feedback about this situation

I have been a diabetic for 10 years, type II. I am controlled by meds, Janumet and Amaryl. I also count carbs carefully and exercise daily.

So what’s the problem? Well, two weeks ago, I started a eating program called OptiFast, given to me by a former medical provider, it is supposed to be one of the best for weight loss, and is low in carbs. Drink two meals, eat one low carb one. When she was my medical provider, she would have a fit when I told her I drank my breakfast on days that I swam…now she was giving me this stuff, which isn’t bad, but has left me feeling slow, without energy and sick to my stomach. I know that this isn’t good for me, I am desperately looking for a way to tell her “no thank you, I’ll go back to counting carbs”. I know she thinks that I am frustrated with my weight, have only lost 80+ lbs over the last two years…and sometimes I am frustrated that it takes so long. BUT, after these last two weeks, I’ll take my time and eat normal foods, low carbs, exercise, take my meds, and be glad I didn’t loose my cookies over this. Am I wrong? I think I just need some support and encouragement to stick to real foods, not try a quick and easy way. (Optifast is supposed to be one of the better liquid programs for diabetics) So someone, anyone, kindly tell me to go back to counting and watching carbs…thanks.

So someone, anyone, kindly tell me to go back to counting and watching carbs....thanks.

Go back to counting and watching carbs :)

Better still, go back to watching the consequences of the carbs you eat and changing things for better results: Test, Review, Adjust

I am desperately looking for a way to tell her "no thank you, I'll go back to counting carbs"

Bite the bullet. Just tell her directly. Politely, tactfully - but firmly: "I gave it a good try, I'm sure it is great for some people, but it did not work for me." What can she say? That it did?

Cheers, Alan, T2, Australia

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80 in 2 years is great even if you are frustrated because you feel it is taking so long. Slow and steady wins the race… You can count carbs and do welll! Blessings on your journey.

I’d stress the “it doesn’t agree with me” bit. If it doesn’t agree with you, I wouldn’t spend time/ $$$ eating it. A buddy of mine i really into P90X and I tried a sample of the “Shakeology” stuff which they advertise as the most amazing blah blah blahcakes. I liked it a lot but it’s pricey? My veggie/ protien breakfast (egg beaters, broccoli, spinach, chia seeds…) is like $5/ week as opposed to $20. It doesn’t mean the other product is “bad” but it’s expensive!

80 lbs in 2 years? Sounds good to me. Optifast is for ‘healthy people’ maybe not as good for diabetics I don’t know. Good liuck.

  1. 80 lbs in two years is fantastic.
  2. Be polite, direct and firm. You gave it a fair try but it didn’t work. Thank her for her concern.
  3. If her feelings are hurt, it’s her fault, not yours. Should you stay sick to your stomach and endanger your health just to spare someones feelings? I don’t think so.


Not surprising you don’t feel well drinking these shakes. Not healthy ingredients. You could make your own, far healthier & less expensive protein shakes. Had to hunt to find out what’s actually in them.

Eat real food, not water with sugar, artificial flavoring, (strawberry has red dye) corn syrup solids with vitamins & minerals, & tell her no thanks.

Congratulations on losing 80 lbs. That’s fantastic!

The Optifast Ready to Drink Shakes contain water, sugar, sodium caseinate, calcium caseinate, corn syrup solids, high oleic sunflower oil, postassium citrate, calcium phosphate tribasic, magnesium chloride, sodium chloride, natural and artificial flavors, cellulose gel and gum, soy lecithin, potassium iodide, ascorbic acid, choline chloride, iron, zinc, vitamin E, niacin, copper, manganese, vitamin A, vitamin B-6, vitamin B-1, vitamin B-2, folic acid, biotin, vitamink, vitamin D-3, and vitamin B-12.

The chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors all maintain the same basic ingredients with the exception of strawberry flavoring and Red #3 for strawberry shakes, and cocoa powder for chocolate shakes.

Ingredients for Powder MixesThe ingredients for powder mixes are as follows: Calcium caseinate , skimmed milk powder, maltodextrin (corn), sodium caseinate, sugar, vegetable oil, potassium citrate, sodium chloride, magnesium carbonate, sodium citrate, vanilla flavor I, potassium phosphate monobasic, vanilla flavor II, calcium phosphate tribasic, emulsifier lecithin, vitamin C, ferric pyrophosphate, zinc sulfate, sweetener sodium saccharin, nicotinamide, copper gluconate, manganese II sulfate, vitamin E (added as acetate), calcium pantothenate, sodium fluoride, antioxidant ascorbyl palmitate, vitamin B-1 hydrochloride, vitamin B-6 hydrochloride, vitamin B-2, beta carotene, vitamin A (added as acetate), chromium III chloride, folic acid, sodium molybdate, potassium iodine, biotin, sodium selenite, vitamin K-1, vitamin D-3, vitamin B-12.

My diabetic cousin was put on Optifast to lose 70 pounds for a knee replacement. I noticed that sugar is a big ingredient, and have to wonder why that's considered good for diabetics. What I've noticed is she is always hungry and in misery. At a family dinner recently she passed up all the food but ate a plate of dessert. This can't be good, she's been heavy for quite a while but she was always intelligent about her food. I've been at a standstill with my own weight loss endeavors for over a year, even though I eat low carb and seldom more than 1200 calories a day. I was watching her experiment with Optifast, hoping it would turn out well and I might be able to try it myself. I don't see that happening.

I am wary of doctors who are more concerned with the treatment than my reaction to it. Sadly, a lot of doctors get perks for pushing certain products on patients. Be very cautious about doctors who are less concerned than what you have to say about a treatment you have legitimately tried than making sure you don't give up on it. I would definitely return to carb counting. And I'm sure you'd rather lose the weight and keep it off than be losing it because you're short a meal every day due to getting sick, and gain it all back after correcting your diet.

What a load of crappy ingredients. Anyone on a highly calorie restricted diet like this should lose weight. No end of the number of diet shakes on the market promising the sun & the moon, unfortunately. I'd be starving drinking those for meals.

Thankfully, because she is moving it off her shelves at her salon, I didn't have to pay for it. Cause it's nasty stuff.

Congrats on losing 80+ lbs. I can't believe you say "only 80 lbs." I think that is wonderful. As far as the Optifast goes, get rid of it !!!! It has more chemicals than anything else. No wonder it makes you sick to your stomach. If you are doing well on low-carb, than stay with it. It is your body and you are in control of it !!!

I think loosing 80 lbs (terrific!) in 2 years is the sign of a lifestyle change. slow and steady. that what it takes to make a life change. seems like you've got what it takes. good for you! go back to what works for you. the "quick fix" of the shakes are taking you off your awesome path. and those shakes are super not good for you. but you know that :).

i'm sure your friend will understand you no longer want to drink them when you explain that they make you feel icky. Being in charge of your own health is so empowering! No one wants to feel icky.

Cathy! 80 pounds in two years is FANTASTIC! And eating real foods IS the best way to go. Listen to your body -- if you don't want to eat like this, and you don't feel good eating like this, then don't do it! You know what's good for you, and you can do it, you've proven that already. Remember who drives the bus -- YOU do, not her. So if you need me or anyone else to tell you to do what you want to do anyway, I'm happy to oblige. Because it's obviously what works best for you.

PS I would be happy to have dropped 1/10th of the weight you've lost in the same amount of time. I do not have diabetes but being hypothyroid makes weight loss a real b***h. I've been working out steadily now since February, and improving my diet, and I've lost... 3 pounds. Yes, I've put on muscle, and yes, my shape appears slimmer, but that big ol' stress gut I put on after ERic's diagnosis is still THERE, dammit, and seems disinclined to go anywhere. Grrr... so I certainly feel your pain!

You can do it, Cathy! Tell the doc this is not for you and return to the strategy you've already been employing with such great success! Docs know medicine, but WE know ourselves.

I worked for a Family Practioner for 6 years before I had any children. He always stressed to his patients that if you want to try a weight loss program, Weight Watchers is the best to go on. Weight Watchers helps you to make healthy choices and it really does work. Slowly, but surely!
One thing I like to do to help with weight loss is increase your fiber. A good fiber supplement not only helps you loose weight, it is good for your colon, and your heart and diabetes. Get a juicer! I started juicing organic carrots and mixing it with Barley greens. If you do it 3 x's a day, Fiber once a day. Eat a good healthy proportion of foods, exercise (nice gentle walks 3 x's a week) you will feel like a new person.
I have lupus and rheumatoid arthritis and have not experienced any more flare ups since my last child was born which was 7 years ago!!