OptumRx what is your experience with them?

My company just switched from Express Scripts to OptumRX. What are your experiences with them and what is the good and bad about this company? Any tips on getting stuff approved by them?

So much better than Express Scripts. If you receive something from OptumRX that was ordered by mistake (like when your doctor’s office screws up and sends in a wrong RX. DAMHIKT), you can get a refund. Many mail order pharmacy’s (as well as local pharmacies) will not take back anything, once you sign for it over the counter, or in the case of mail-order, once it ships. OptumRX seems to be the sole exception that I know of.

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I agree - my insurance did the opposite switch - Old insurance used OptumRX, new insurance is Express Scripts – as much as I have had a few issues with OptumRX (like dropping me out of auto-refill, occasionally), I’ve already had more issues with Express Scripts. For starters, at least OptumRX’s website actually WORKS, unlike Express Scripts…

I didn’t have a lot of trouble getting my needs approved by OptumRx - doctor did the paperwork, and we went on from there…

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Well, ummm, first of all their computer kept calling and telling us we didnt refill our blood pressure meds, even though we did. They sent dopey letters saying you filled your BP meds two weeks ago but you have not filled your bp meds. I fixed that, I think.
Then last night when I logged in, it said we have a $5000 deductible. We do not. I had to call and tell them, and then she said I wasnt seeing what she is seeing. But they told Byram I had a $5000 deductible. I’m not thrilled, but at least they do not handle all my supplies.

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I just joined OptumRX. So far so good. They told me there are a few diabetes supplies they do not carry if you have Medicare. These supplies on in Part B. Also, they have dropped auto-refill program. Hope all goes well. Whew!

We switched from Express Scripts to OptumRx this year. Express Scripts was always an adventure as they forced us to use mail order for maintenance meds. One time they refused to fill my pen needles despite there being valid refills remaining. They did shipped me $3K worth of insulin but I had no way to take it.

Optum allows me to fill in store which I greatly appreciate but the formulary changed which meant I had to change my whole insulin regimen this summer and I am stuck using a OneTouch meter because that is the ONLY strip they cover on my plan.

They all suck in their own way.