Diabetes supplies and prescription refills


I’m looking for an easier way to refill my diabetes supplies without having to go to the pharmacy multiple times a month to refill my insulin, test strips and other medications.

I know there are companies like Livongo and PillPack that automate the prescription refill with mail order services but have been slow to change my ways.

I’d love to hear from other people with diabetes on what services are their favorites, and why?


I use a mail order pharmacy for my insurance Aetna, it is run by Caremark. They offer an option to automatically refill a prescription and mail it to me. They also have an autorefill option byt my doctor ignores their calls, so that doesn’t work so well.

I use a mail order pharmacy (Postal Prescriptions Plus - a Kroger company) for all but my strips. The strips I fill locally because I get a better deal using a manufacturer copay card. I have nothing but good things to say about PPSRx, unlike many of the other mail order pharmacies. I use copay cards wherever possible to lower my cost, so that determines where and how often I need to refill.

All of my supplies are currently delivered by mail – some mandated by my insurance, some for other reasons.
You won’t like my state, though, because I get four types of supplies from four different vendors. My Dexcom supplies come through Byram, because at the time, I was told they were the only authorized vendor (no longer true). My pump supplies come from Foundation Care in Missouri, because my previous pump company worked closely with them and I liked the service. My insulin comes via my insurance company’s preferred pharmacy, OptumRX - I’m given no choice on this. Finally, testing supplies come from One Drop, because that’s how they work.