Insurance Issues with Byram Healthcare

Hello all! I’m sure this won’t come to a surprise to most as I remember about 8 years ago I had similar issues with Byram Healthcare and now it seems I have found myself in the same boat. I just purchased a new Tandem Insulin pump and I’m liking it for the most part except for the headache of Byram, which no words can really describe as they are simply a terrible company to deal with in my opinion. I currently have insurance through Highmark Blue Cross (Anthem Health Keepers) and I’m looking for another supplier to send me my monthly supplies of Tandem infusion sets and cartridges. Has anyone experienced the same issues and how did you cope? Also, are there any other providers out there who provide better service for these life saving supplies?

Allowed DME providers very by your insurance company. I would call Tandem and ask them to run another benefits check to see who your possibilities include. Nobody here can possibly give you the answer you want, they can only tell you their personal experiences with whomever their insurance company preferred.

Unfortunately, I’m wondering if your troubles aren’t on the insurance side, and it doesn’t matter who your provider is? You hear both wonderful and horror stories all around about the various suppliers. I think it comes down to luck of the draw as to who is handling your case. There’s just too many variables and middlemen involved.

Personally, I love Byram, so I’m sorry you’re having so many issues. I hope you can find one that works for you!

Hi Robyn_H. I have excellent insurance and have used Byram with many different forms of insurance which have always provided issues. What’s the trick here that I’m missing? lol I’ve actually been on the phone with them for 4 hours today and they still won’t send me a simple box of cartridges. When I contacted my insurance they said Byram has been sending the claims to New York which is absurd because they are obviously supposed to file those claims in state. I’ve been yelled at and talked down to many times by Byram as well. Also, if you ever need to escalate an issue they say they will have someone call you back and they never do. I’ve checked the statistics and most Byram users give them a 79% negative approval rating.

I honestly don’t know. I’m not usually rolling in the good luck department, but guess I struck it rich with a good Byram department. I only had one issue in four years, where a refill was slow in processing, and the customer service person sent me three of everything (infusion sets, cartridges, syringes, etc…) via overnight mail to last until the paperwork got straightened out. Maybe you’re onto something about it being a state specific department.

I do wonder where that 79% negative rating came from. A lot of people don’t go out of their way to report positive experiences, but maybe they really are that bad.

If you lurk the interwebs enough, you’ll see plenty of “who’s the best DME provider” threads. The answer always seems to be that it’s a complete gamble, they’re all awesome and terrible, depending on who you ask. But like I said, your options are limited by your insurance, so only your insurance (or Tandem after checking with your insurance) can tell you. Gather all your good luck charms before contacting the next!

Most people who post or rate do so after having problems.

Don’t currently use Byram, due to different insurance now, but they were great and easy to reorder and check status of orders. Most issues were with my employer wanting to intervene to “prove” I wasn’t ordering too soon. (They delayed shipment of dexcom transmitter, until my employer was convinced I really needed one).

My current insurance only has CCSMed and they are horrible on initial orders, and somewhat ok with refills.

My insurance is Kaiser Permanente in Los Angeles. They used to have their own Durable meds department which was a major pain to get them on the phone to reorder stuff.
They recently switched us to work directly with the companies. So last time I ordered from minimed, I just called them and I paid minimed my copay.
Last week my endo approved my new tandem and dexcom.
Dexcom called me the next day and will be here Wednesday. However Tandem has not responded to my calls even though I’m sure they got the order.
What I’m saying is that there are a lot of hands in each transaction and sometimes it is the insurance and sometimes it is the companies selling the stuff and in your case sometimes it’s the third party DME pharmacy.
I really do not understand why we can’t just go to a pharmacy to get everything. Insulin pump supplies and test strips.

I inquired a few months ago about Tandem IQ. My doc called in a prescription for it and Tandem gave me a call. Unfortunately my insurance doesn’t work with them directly.

Tandem sent me over to Edge Park and after reading numerous complaints (I don’t think any positive ones) I asked Tandem where else I could go who worked with my insurance. CSS Medical and Byram came up. Argh.

I’ve not heard any good about CSS Medical either and my husband and I have had a difficult time dealing with Byram for other needs.

So, I’m no help but at least your not alone in the boat @Elyssia_Reedy LOL.

I think some issues the past months related to covid and possibly folks working from home. Always had a long hold time, and then sometimes disconected. Most were friendly, trying to help, but it was a different person each time and I got mixed information on what was hold up.

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Thanks, I’ll surely keep that in mind if I ever need to pick one company over another … which will be extremely difficult to do!

Good luck charms, I like that. :shamrock: :wink:

Good to know.

Amen to that. I’ve never understood why the hell durable medical equipment always seems so controversial.

Thanks, why is it always easier when someone’s on the boat with you? I’ll be hoping we find a better one together. Best of luck.

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