Sore throat after dka

I was in dka a few days ago. Got treatment and was sent home in about 24 hours. I feel ok and numbers have been pretty good. My mouth and throat hurt really bad though. Most when I swallow. I am thinking this is just from throwing up the bile/acid. If anyone has any advice on getting this to go away or how to combat the uncomfortableness that would be great.

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They gave me protonics in the hospital, whatever that is. You might ask your doc if there is something similar. Stay hydrated though. I hope you getting to feeling better.

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I would try marshmallow root or slippery elm (you can get them at most health food stores). You just make a tea out of them and sip it slowly throughout the day. It will coat your throat and stomach and sooth the dryness. I use it whenever I have a sore throat or cold.

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Thank you for the suggestions. I will look into both of those.

Does an episode of DKA mess up your vision like the beginning the first time before you know its diabetes ? I couldn’t see right for months.

I am thinking antacids. does it feel like acid burn from throwing up or is it muscle soreness from the gagging ? Hope you are OK.