Ordered a 670 after waiting, waiting for Tandem to process my order

As of today, I STILL have not heard a peep out of Tandem. By their own rules, they should have contacted me no later than yesterday.

Would you still be willing to work with them, after receiving your Medtronic pump? I’m very close with my pump trainer, who is the outside rep for Tandem her in Los Angeles. She’s at their headquarters in San Diego every week. I am more than willing to pass you her contact info.

LOL! I called the territory manager who is the one that came to my home in December. She hasn’t contacted me to say “boo” since I left her a detailed VM on July 16th. 9 days ago.

Wow, that is pretty bad.
I had great service from them, my local Tandem rep, etc.
BUT, I do have to say that because I had initially went with the 670, Medtronics were trying to get it shipped out before I could tell them to stop the order.
They were VERY FAST! I definitely give Medtronic credit for that.

That’s very strange. Did you try to speak with a department head in their offices in San Diego?

I spoke with the new pump orders department 3 or 4 times, as well as having left the territory manager a message. that’s enough.

Yeah, I agree, you’ve definitely done all you can. For whatever reason, they don’t want to get a pump into your hands, or speak with you. Very bizarre.

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Not only that, but when my wife and I considered the X2 in December the territory manager suggested strongly that we wait until Medicare cleared the Control:IQ algorithm because if we purchased prior to that release, they MAY not cover the upgrade. So I waited until my pump broke, and here we are.

I can say a few negative things about Medtronic, but getting a pump out to their patients is not one of them. I had my 530g system two days after contacting them. It was about a two week wait for my Tandem to be sent out. I just worry that individuals like you who are on Medicare will not be left behind when the loop systems start to be the norm for diabetes management.

I am on Medicare (since April this year) and using the Medtronic 670G with G3 sensors. Other than some initial paperwork gyrations to get reservoirs and infusion sets (I use 6mm 43" tubing quicksets) covered by Medicare I’ve had no problem getting those supplies from them. Guardian 3 sensors are covered by my secondary insurance. I’ve been very happy with the 670G system so far, love the integration with the CGM and BS meter. SG correlates extremely well with BG.

Hi. May I ask what your insurance company is?

Tandem is about worthless in this aspect although I was using a 7 year old Accu Check pump that was with issues, it took 6 months to deliver the Tandem pump while Tandem blamed Byram health care except I didn’t know who Byram was so they were not by my choice. Guess when business is good, they can afford to be careless but they could also consider pumps they helped Medtronic deliver. In 51 years with type 1, there’s not been 1 company I’ve dealt with that’s earned praise although seems like Medtronic fulfilled your needs. Had an issue with them when inquiring about a pump, gave them insurance information but also specified when asked what color I wanted that I am undecided. They sent a pump in spite of this which I returned but had to wait 6 weeks for insurance benefits to restore. Guess they can’t be faulted for being aggressive while meeting patients needs.