Tandem won't let me try an X2 prior to purchase

Has anyone in the US had any luck getting Tandem to loan the X2 for any period of time, prior to purchase? The regional rep claims she has none to give out and implied it’s against the “rules” to let someone try before purchase. Sounds like nonsense to me. I told her I don’t even want to load it with insulin (I have none of their proprietary reservoirs anyway)–I told her I just want to check out connectivity with Dexcom xmitters. She still said it was impossible for me to get a trial of the pump.


Tandem does not offer such a program.

I wasn’t thinking along the lines of it being the lack of a “program”, but more about reps exercising a bit of autonomy. It’s not like asked to borrow a pump with sets and reservoirs and start pumping with it–that’s an obvious risk to someone who’s had no training on the pump.

My Endo had WORKING pumps when I went to look at them and decide which one I wanted to use.
It was the hands on experience with the Tandem X2 that made a big impression on me compared to Medrontic’s options.

If all you are wanting to do is this portion, you can ask your Dr to see if they have any demos. Obviously not for using, but getting hands on experience.


Joslin did this too when I was seen there.

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Does Tandem have a 30-day cash back return policy? They did not when they first started many years ago. That policy, coupled with no ability to trial it, lead to my decision to not take a chance on them.


I would say it’s a problem because you can load insulin and connect it to your body. Just because someone says they don’t have the equipment for that doesn’t mean they actually don’t. That could potentially be a contamination issue for that pump and a big problem. Plus not knowing what’s been done to it and then loaning it to someone else could also be an issue. Programming, information etc,

My endo had a basket of all the different pumps so you could see and handle the different ones. But she wore an Omnipod herself and really liked it because it’s tubeless. I doubt I would switch to a tube delivery system after I’ve been wearing it now! Plus Omnipod has /had a 30 day? guarantee if you wanted to keep it? Not sure if they still do.

Technically yes.
Reality is not as most people would consider it.

Basically 30 days from date of shipment coupled with a valid medical reason confirmed by the customer’s physician.

A Tandem Rep would not be authorized to lend a pump. That would most certainly be a serious company violation. They are required to follow company policy.

A particular Doctor office certainly would have the ability to implement something along these lines.


Any pump that is returned to Tandem for any reason must be refurbished and is no longer allowed to be sold as “new”.

I would assume refurbished pumps are typically used when replacing pumps under warranty.

Totally understandable.

I had a sales rep from tandem or animas come to my house for demo and hands on touch and feel.

As for tandem, you can get the demo app and get a feel for the menus. I assume still available, I tried it a few years ago.

Sometimes a doctor’s office will set up a time to meet with rep for demo, either rep only, or with one of their staff included. I did this with one of my early medtronic pumps.


That is a great point. Obviously not the same as the pump itself and likely would not do what @Dave44 was looking for but it still is a great idea for anybody considering the Tandem t:slim X2.


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Connectivity either works or doesn’t. Current users can answer questions you may have on reliability or other concerns.

G6 / X2 comms work substantially better than G5 / X2 comms.

In fact, our G6 / X2 has better connectivity than our G6 / Apple iPhone.

I agree with @Tim35 about it being far better than it was with the G5.
I am not sure I would say it is better for me than my phone though.
I get the missed signal symbol once in a while when I have the pump on the wrong side of my body.

That being said, I have slept on the pump, not getting signal, and still haven’t had problems with overnight lows.
To the point that I am AGGRESSIVE with my basal at night to make sure and keep my BG low, but safe. I have a target of 85, so I don’t have a lot of room for error.

I’ve already had a rep out to the house to see the X2 and I played with the menus. I know about their very short-term “refund” window, as well as their CLAIM that for the first 12 months, Medicare patients also have the ability to turn it in as a “rental”. I don’t like getting something this important, not knowing if for me, it’s going to work as well as it does for some others. As you all are aware, many things fall under the category of “YMMV”. I think xmitter-to-receiver(in this case, pump) transmission issues can vary from one person to the next. Case in point: my wife and I both wore Medtronic sensors. She would have very few issues with signal drop-outs regardless of where she wore the pump in relation to the xmitter. For me, I had to have the pump on the same side of me, very close, to the xmitter. If I was taking a shower, the signal would go at least 6 feet, but when the pump was on my waistband, it would often lose the signal when the distance from xmitter to pump was less than a foot. Again, it’s a “YMMV” issue.

Similar in regards to practically a complete absence of nighttime lows coupled with a lower nighttime BG and significantly tighter nighttime range.

I think the width and frequency of the “red bars” on the Tandem display which indicate when Basal-IQ was active (so as to prevent a predicted low) can help to provide feedback if the basal rate is not appropriate. If there are too many bars or the widths are excessively wide than it probably means the basal rate needs to be backed off so as to provide less insulin while sleeping.

So far we are getting really awesome results at night. Certainly nothing that we were ever able to achieve prior to the running the G6/X2/Basal-IQ combo.

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Good to hear!

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Honestly, you WILL have issues with the signal from G6 to the pump.
IT is more of a question on how you deal with these issues.
I know and understand the limitations.
I am not happy about them. I think it is fairly pathetic for something in today’s technology to not have great signal! Especially with something this important.

That being said, I find it a very easy thing to deal with personally. And I feel the outcome, like @Tim35 says, is better than anything previously attained!


@Dave44. If you happen to go to a. TCOYD or JDRF event they will have pumps there


You should have thirty days from purchase, other than that I dont think you can do anything else than just purchase the pump. I got a refund after thirty days but it was for documented medical issues I had with that pump.


If there was a better alternative, I’d likely buy the alternative pump first (assuming it also had a return period). I’m soured on Medtronic, despite having no issues with my current 530G. It’s just that it isn’t going to last for ever and is already 2 months out-of-warranty. Since reality reigns, I have limited options.