Ordered a 670 after waiting, waiting for Tandem to process my order

My pump is physically broken (out of warranty 530G). I called Tandem a week ago but they haven’t gotten anything going yet so I called Medtronic. Within a few minutes they had a loaner pump (751) processed and on it’s way to me. It’ll be here tomorrow before noon. Don’t say I didn’t try to switch to Tandem. :).
The loaner is free for 90 days. If not returned by then it is $3,600. Meanwhile they will process a 670 thru medicare.

CCS Medical is my vendor.

And I’ve no intention of using their CGM. I’ll stick with the G5 until I get switched to the G6. I already wear a receiver and pump so there would be no change there and I’m not that gung-ho about “automation”.

That was actually what happened to me when my Paradigm warranty ran out and I was looking for my next pump. I was really interested in a Tandem but weeks went by without hearing a peep after I contacted them, whereas MT was all over me, and actually met me at a hotel adjacent to my office with a hands-on demo, performance charts etc etc. They had even offered to come to my house, but doing it from work was more convenient. I’d heard mixed things about the 670, but the demo was persuasive and I kinda figured it was a bad indicator as to Tandem’s customer support that they were so lax about wanting my business. By the time they did get around to contacting me I’d already contracted for the 670. Which ended up not being a good choice for me.


That’s the way I feel. Tandem is too slow when they are told someone’s pump is broken. I’m sure using the non-auto mode, it will be essentially like using my 530G.

You guys call pump companies to order pumps? I have never ordered hardware on my own. The Doc has to do it, as far as I know. Strange. I didn’t know we could do that.

Of course I call the companies. :slight_smile: I’ve only done that for the last 20 some years.

The doc just OK’s it with a properly written Rx for whatever is requested, unless they have some reason not to approve the request (never happened to me)

Your Dr has to be on board with it, of course, but they’ll handle all the administrative stuff for you, making sure the insurer gets what they need from the Dr etc.

Tim is going to be upset…I see him typing. :slight_smile:

We called Tandem to find out where we should order the pump from with our insurance.

Tandem took the insurance information and provided the name of a medical distributor that had contracts with our insurance company.

We contacted the distributor and after Doc prescription and insurance approval received the pump. It was not a big deal.

I have no doubt that Medtronic can deliver an initial pump faster than Tandem. I am a big fan of choice. Everybody gets to decide what is the most important aspect for them.


Not in the slightest.

If this works out for you that is great.

No single product will ever meet the needs and wants of everybody.


I actually don’t know how it will work out, but given that I’m not going to use their sensors or automode, I suspect it will be little change from my current pump. Replaceable batteries, easy set changes. Heck I don’t even use the Bolus Wizard.

oh, and the same 1-year rental applies to the Medtronic pump so if it really is a PITA, I can switch.

That’s a nice early off ramp if you need it.

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That’s unfortunate. When I ordered my X2, it was not as smooth as the Medtronic orders of the past. Tandem doesn’t have the staff that Medtronic does. At least you were able to get a new pump to replace the broken one. I hope the 670 doesn’t cause you any unneeded grief. Hopefully, Medtronic will work to get the G3 sensors covered by Medicare, so you can use the loop function.

I worked with CCS Medical for over five years without an issue; however, When I had an issue with my new insurance carrier and asked for a little more time to work out the problem, their billing department became very nasty and and gave me 30 days to pay up or place me for collection.

I now work directly with Medtronic which provides quicker and more sympathetic service.

It looks as though Medtronic is finally doing what is needed to get the Guardian 3 Sensors covered by Medicare. https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2019/07/23/1886474/0/en/Medtronic-Requests-Approval-of-Non-Adjunctive-Labeling-from-FDA.html

I wish I could deal directly with Medtronic, as I have for longer than I can remember. A few times I had to use other supplies, one of which was fantastic, and the next one was a nightmare–actually worse than a nightmare. I hope that CCS medical does better than my last experience with them regarding bg strips. They left me high and dry while waiting for my order to arrive–not telling me that they and Medicare had a parting of the ways for the strips.

Thanks for the update on the Guardian 3. I hope the FDA puts the approval on a priority fast track. I have eight sensors left before I have to order new ones.

Not gonna happen that fast. If Medicare approved the G3 sensor tomorrow, it would be at least a 6-12 month wait before patients would get them in hand.

Same for me. I also had my CDE as an advocate. She’s wired in with most of the diabetes hardware reps.

Maybe Tandem’s success is coming back to bite them in terms of keeping up with demand? That could be part of the equation,

I think the X2 is a great product - well worth waiting for unless you’re in crisis mode.

I also didn’t talk with Tandem when I made the switch from Medtronic to Tandem. My doctor and I talked about pros and cons to both, I decided Tandem. His office called Tandem with my info and insurance. Next day Tandem called me with the supply company my insurance wanted me to use. I think it was 2 days later, I had the pump in my hand and meet with trainer the next day.
When I upgraded to the X2, did the exact same thing but now use a different supply company out of Texas and that one was shipped the next day.
I guess I have just been lucky!

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