Orthorexia: Slippery Slope for Diabetics?

I have been reading about orthorexia, an over-concern with eating “right” or “healthy” that can move beyond a positive desire for good self-care and become an oppressively negative obsession.


Have you found yourself, as a diabetic, becoming obsessed with perfect eating to the point that it’s interfering with your life? Disruptive to relationships? Isolating? Making you dangerously thin?

Where’s the line between excellent self-care and a self-destructive obsession?

I have mentioned in earlier posts about a T1 friend who became a follower of a diet guru who had him convinced that he should only eat foods with “yellow food energy”, i.e. yellow apples were OK but red apples were forbidden.

Have you ever, in your desire to perfectly manage your diabetes, found yourself crossing a line into obsessive rules and depriving yourself of vital nutrients? Malnourished? Or starving yourself until you broke down and binged?

What does “relaxed but healthful eating” look like to you?