Sometimes as a diabetics, it really helps in our "therapy" to just write and ramble on. Sorta like just unloading what is on our chest or what is on our minds. I really dont know what made me think of this subject but I was thinking about it on the drive to my job this morning.

I am a new “insulin pusher” as of 2 weeks ago, however I have been on Byetta and various other diabetes pills over the course of the last 4 years. So being on insulin is a whole new world for me. Sometimes, it seems to be over whelming.

So why is there an obsession with food? it seems it is a constant thought in the mind. Having to set the units to what is eaten is good but you try to keep the carbs as low as possible. Then in no time the stomach is growling. This happens after each meal. One has to look for low carb foods and has to research which foods are filling but yet dont have many carbs. I guess this goes all back to carb counting but that will be another blog another day.

It just gets frustrating on having to watch everything that goes in the system and having to calculate it, count it, measure it and so forth. I am sure one day I will have all this as second nature. But in the meantime, it is very frustrating.

Do you eat alot of fruits and veggies? They say veggies are unlimited. Than again, fruits are carbs. As long as you are not eating junkfood, you should be ok.
Do you drink tea? I do, I drink tea and water only…sweet n low in the tea, a must I have for myself. I find myself when I’m still hungry to eat a peach, banana, or apple just at that spare moment.
Or you could be having something in your mind that is nagging at you or worrying about something that you can’t fix so to curb it you’ll eat to temporarly subside the feeling. I’m just going over some stuff cause I was doing the same thing. You see I’m one of those who has to be top notch at all times, but I’ve gotten over alot of that like making sure my house is in order when we throw dinner parties or birthday parties. Make sure the food is presentable at these parties or for my family. Make sure clothes are presentable on the kids and gkids…so on and on. You get the picture, but i’m on Lantus, Metformin, Glipizide, Levethyoxine, Lipitor, and vitamin D3 for energy. So far so good but not losing the weight. ??? We all are different and one day a mixture will be perfect for you. Till than don’t give up, your friend always…Patti