Does anyone have any recommendations for OTC treatment for IBS that doesn’t spike blood sugar? I’ve been taking IB Gard but I find it spikes my blood sugar significantly. I am very new to this. It started within the last month. I don’t have an official diagnosis yet but I’m pretty sure it’s IBS - both C and D. I suspect I may have had it for some time but it has gotten worse recently. I’ve had intestinal issues for years (no appendix and I have diverticulosis). I’m almost 60 years old and my A1c is 6.9%. Thanks for your input.

I thought I had IBS. I was diagnosed and everything. No meds were helping. Then I went on a trip to Vegas. I didn’t take my statin for 3 days and my symptoms went away.
I tried 3 different statins with the same issue.
My doctor told me time and time again that statins don’t do that. But it did.
So maybe check your other meds first.

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I am not on any other meds except for Fosinopril for kidney protection and I’ve been taking that for 20+ years. That is precisely why I have resisted the statin usage because I know it is one of the side effects. And I am on Humalog via pump. I don’t think any of the supplements are an issue - I’ve been taking them for some time.

I was diagnosed by a couple of my doctors over my lifetime. Tried a few things over the years, but about 15 years ago after my first colonoscopy my gastroenterologist said to take a pro-biotic. At the time the one he recommended that he knew I could get locally in our small town was one called PB8. I expect that in larger communities there may be many other good brands available, but he did say to stick with one that needs to be refrigerated and will be kept in a refrigerated section in the store. It may be that certain brands might work better for some individuals than for others, depending upon which bacteria in their guts are out of line with the ideal, since the bacterial composition of the brands vary.

It took some time to get the bacteria in my gut balanced after taking the pro-biotic daily. Don’t remember for sure, but it was probably several months before I saw big improvements. Anyway, I haven’t had problems now for years, though I’ve gone through periods when I no longer take the pills daily.

I think taking them regularly has even greatly improved my lactose intolerance. Instead of buying lactose-free milk, I buy regular milk by the gallon and with each serving take a lactase enzyme pill. It used to be that if I ever forgot the lactase pill, I’d have big time D within a few hours. But after taking the pro-biotic daily for a time, I’ve gotten away with forgetting the enzyme and even after drinking 12 ounces of cocoa made from regular milk, I’d not have digestive issues or very mild ones.

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Thanks for the info. I’ve taken a probiotic since I had my appendix out 6 years ago, but maybe it’s not good enough or no longer getting the job done. I will add this to the list of things I need to ask him when he does the colonoscopy.