Who has to deal with Gastroperienteses &/or IBS

ever since i had D for about 10 yrs, despite good BS control, i have become imfamous to the nurses at my gastroenterologist's office. i have been on every medication under the sun. even buying non-FDA approved meds from Canada. nothing seems to help. i simply no longer have the spasms needed in my intestines to push through stool. and everything gets all built up and painfully uncomfortable. the only solution for me has been doing 3 lg sized Fleet Enemas once a week. it is miserable. anyone else out there going thru something similar????? anyone found the fountain of youth and discovered a healthier solution?

I guess I am fortunate, I have not developed gastroparesis. Besides difficulty moving things along, it can play havoc with trying to time and dose your insulin. Bernstein has extensive material on gastroparesis. It is all too common. In addition to the sections in his book "Diabetes Solution," he has about ten articles on it on his website. There is also an active group here on gastroparesis.

i keep hearing about this "bernstein" guy. who is he and what does he do? if he has something helpful to offer, i'm on my way. i have a great gastroenterologist, but i am getting exhausted by all his suggestions. how do i find out about him?

He's a guy who was dx'ed when he was an engineer. In like 1969 or something, he wanted to buy a BG machine, like the size of a typewriter, but they'd only sell it to doctors so he went to medical school and got one and used it to determine that by eating less carbs, diabetes became more controllable. Now he has an empire! I respect him a lot but don't do what he says.

Hi Daisy Mae. Some people benefit from taking psyllium husk capsules, or whole psyllium capsules (whole psyllium are stronger). They are available at most drugstores and health food stores and might be worth a try.

thx so much acidrock23. i'll get my tushy over to a Barnes & Nobel asap.
daisy mae

i've tried that. bummer. but thx anyway. at least i know that i am not alone!

Most public libraries have his book. His diet, which is a very low carb diet is controversial. But the man was the first to do home blood sugar testing and he invented the basal/bolus regime in 1972. He has a broad set of teachings. His diet, which is a central part of the controversy is only one part of his teachings.

No, you are not alone!