Other autoimmune issues too?

Hi all,
The discussion on hypothyroidism made me wonder what else is in store for us. In my 29 years I have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, an enlarged thyroid that finally started showing signs of hypothyroidism last year (but not enough to require meds yet) and every doctor I meet tests me for lupus, but it has never been positive. Anyone else test positive for lupus? I am terrified that it is coming next. Other autoimmune issues pop up for people who have had diabetes longer than I have? Thanks!

So far, I just have hypothyroidism. (And Type 1, of course.) My mother died of Alzheimer’s and I have been reading that there is a possibility that Alzheimer’s might be an autoimmune disease. they are also finding a strong link between Alzheimer’s and hypothyroidism in family members. Just one more thing to worry about! I am banking on there being a cure for Alzheimer’s before I get to that age, but my mother was only 73 when she first developed symptoms so they had better hurry up.

I sometimes get “sunrashes” across my face, since I was around 22. My doctor tested me for Lupus, and I tested positive for ANA antibodies, and I went back in for bloodwork. Before my bloodwork cam back, I got a letter from my doctor that she was moving to another state the following week, and I never heard anything about results. Since then, I have not mentioned it to any doctor…for me ignorance is bliss. My doctor refills my steroid cream for when my face or joints break out, but has never asked me what caused the rash. I figure if I ever have any other symptoms, I’ll tell the doctor, but for now I’m good. My mother has hypothyroidism, and my grandmother had a problem with her adrenal gland. I’m guessing that’s related somehow.

Sorry to sound ignorant - what’s lupus?

go to lupus.org - scary autoimmune disease that mostly affects women and for which there are few effective treatments.

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis there in Feb 2012, absolutely gobsmacked. It does run in my family, but still I thought I was a bit young (36yrs). There is so much I must ask my doctor at next appointment. Lupus being one and thyroid being the other, although they have tested me for that and say its within normal ranges.

Sjogren's, dry eye. I'm taking some anti TNF drug for RA and wondering if it will do anything to the T1. Should be interesting. Will the T cells be killed to the point the beta cells produce more?

Sorry Leo could you explain this to me a little. What is anti TNF, RA and how will the beta cells be killed and then produce more. Please excuse my ignorance.

i have the opposite of what U have; i was diagnosed w/ Graves Disease & hyPERthyroidism B4 i got Dx 4 D. i had 2 have radiation treatment to get rid of my thyroid, which took about 2 yrs B4 i had symptoms of D. i,2, am always tested 4 lupus. but i think that by now, 25yrs later, it ain't com'in my way (PHEW) (knock on wood)

however, i do have digestive complications from the D. it really sucks, but its tolerable. best wishes. dont fear the unknown; it serves no purpose. just manage Ur D as best you can.

Never been tested for Lupus. This is my 53rd year and recently they've discovered I have Autoimmune Gastritis of the stomach.

i have Diabetic gastroperienticus as well as Diabetic gastro reflux disease. it just kills me; i have been on every type of medications, even ones not approved by the USA FDA, and ordered meds from Canada. nothing has worked. not meaning to get too personal, but i have to tk 3 Lg Fleet Enemas once a week, just to elimenate stool. my intestines and my colon are defunct.

R U 53 yrs old, or 53 yrs w/ D?
i am 48 and, as i said B4, i have had T1 (on the PUMP) for over 25yrs

Also recently discovered with my Autoimmune Gastritis, to have Gasparesis. I'm soon to see my Gastro dr., hopefully he will give me some advice. I did recently see my Educator and he gave me some helpful advice about how to better use my pump. I've been pumping for 12 years and haven't had to use all of it's different features but as time as evolved I'm getting more benefit from it....the pump that keeps on giving lol.

Psoriasis...I thought it was eczema but in the last few years saw a 2 dermotologists who said I have psoriasis which is an autoimmune disease.