Diabetes and lupus?

Anybody have diabetes AND lupus? After 10 years of type I and 20 years with autoimmune thyroid disease, now I have a new diagnosis - lupus! I am overwhelmed and would be interested in hearing if anybody else is balancing both of these conditions.

Although I only have diabetes and autoimmune thyroid disease, your having lupus on top of those two doesn’t surprise me, given the tendency for these autoimmune things to run together. This was in fact one of the ideas that occurred to me when you posted about your illness initially. My question is: how are you doing? Are you feeling any better? Are your blood counts better?

here’s one

I just commented on her page. gosh Michele, sending positive vibes your way.

Thnaks, Marie! And Frances - I am very very tired - I get worn out drying my hair! I’m saving all my energy for work. Office work is ok, but c sections wear me out big time! My WBC is still low, but stable. My platelets are low too. I get another count next Wednesday to see if the new meds make it go up or down. If it drops more, then steroids! I have some nausea and a brilliant red rash on my nose and cheeks. And still battling the mouth sores, but thank God, free of yeast right now. All in all, it could be worse:) My nurses think the facial rash looks cute, like rosy cheeks. It’s so weird how this has evolved. The ANA was NEGATIVE in September when the blood count stuff first started.

I’m sorry to hear you’re so tired, but I’m glad that you have the energy to work a little, under the circumstances! I’m sure it keeps you going. I remember you having said the ANA was negative; it looks like the existence of ANA-negative lupus is controversial but that if you have enough of the other factors they will classify you as having lupus even with a negative ANA test. It has to make you feel a little better to at least know what the heck it IS.