Our Kaylee suffers no more!

Kaylee dressed to watch Penn State in the Rose Bowl Game

Kaylee, our 5 yr. old Siamese cat passed on to Cat heaven after a horribly torturous week. She fell ill last Wednesday night and had exploratory surgery on Saturday. They removed some tumors from her pancreas. ( I am beginning to hate the pancreas ) They inserted a peg tube for feeding purposes. She was so week but we brought her home Tuesday night hoping being at home would perk her up. I took off the rest of this week and nursed her to the best of my ability. Gave her her feedings, several different meds, her water so she didn't dehydrate, all thru the tube. Petted her, comforted her and still she couldn't even meow..... and for a Siamese that is saying alot cuz she was a big "talker".

The worst part is she is my son Pete’s cat and he’ll be home tomorrow, just a little too late. We haven’t even gotten the biopsy results yet, but i guess now it doesn’t matter. I have spent much time this week in tears and tonight is very hard. I’ve lost part of my family and my heart hurts.

Oh no…no no no. I was SO hoping that she would make it. I am SO VERY SORRY Joanne, and know what you’re going through…it’s still all so very fresh for me…in fact we’re picking up Meeko’s ashes tomorrow (Friday).
How did it happen, if you can stand my asking. My dear dear Joanne…I’m with you in heart.
I can’t help the tears, just so so very sad. What a beautiful cat.

I am so sorry. I know you did everything you could and she knows this. We just had to put our long haired chiauaua to sleep. He was a member of our family for 15 years, i am so torn up. I know your pain

So very sorry Joanne, I hope that you can treasure the memories of her and that you know she loved you, just as much as you did her.
XX Robyn

Oh Joanne - I am so sorry to hear this - I know how much you wanted to have your son see her again. Some of my friends, who when they hear about my Beauduoin (aka FatCat) - going over the Rainbow Bridge - think I’m silly for being such an emotional twit when I talk about him - but all our pets are our FAMILY - and to lose one of them is so hard. She has left you with many happy memories that is for sure.

Sorry to hear about your kitty. You were with her to the end of this plain of existance. You’ll see her on the other side of the rainbow bridge.

My dear dear Joanne… You have tried everything. I admire you so for that. Kaylee is with my Twinkle playing in Cat heaven now. She left you a part of herself and her memory will always be with you. She is in peace now.

Thank you all for your friendship and support. It means alot to me. Just when I thought I was done crying for the night, my son Pete drove through the night to get here. Seeing him with her was crushing cuz I knew how upset he was… and the tears just start all over again.

Sorry for your loss. It is so hard to lose a family member like Kaylee and to not really know why. Hang in there!

I am so sorry for your loss, Joanne. I’m sure she found comfort in your care during this rough week and knew that you and the family loved her.

Buried our Kaylee today next to Miya and Meiko. What a terribly difficult day :’ (