Our Shared Challenge

This is something I wrote shortly after joining this community, it sums up how I feel about our condition. Since then, I’ve been asked to post it here, I hope you like it;

Diabetes is a complex condition,
For at the end of the day, no one can better understand the challenges we face and deal with, better than those of us who share this condition, having a faulty pancreas.

I believe the experiences we have and share make us stronger, provide us with a ‘knowing’ about life that few others have.
Our bodies aren’t broken, they’re different, that’s all.
Physical life is about managing various physical challenges and that applies to all human beings.

Ultimately no matter how much your family and friends love and support you,
they can never really know what it is to deal with the conditions that occur with diabetes,
if they themselves don’t have to deal with it on a personal, physical level.
But it is always good to have non-diabetics, who love you and support you and want to help you

Wonderful and so very true. That has confirmed to me just how grateful I am for my special, kind, sweet and understanding friends that I have met here. Thanks for posting this, my sweet friend.

So very true, and yet so much more to come because of our knowing. Our eyes are much wider, our hearts more loving, and our soul more sought.

Thanks for sharing. Patti

That’s very true. No matter how much someone wants to help, its hard for them to understand what its really like being the one that never gets a rest.

Ken you are so right…no one really understands unless they are here with us. They don’t understand the constantness of ‘being careful’ about everything… what we eat, where we walk, when we sleep, how we handle emotions… just the ALL of it. I am grateful for this community.

i may just be one of the caring loving family but i still know that what you say is true we can never really know what its like no matter how much we try and we all do try hard to do as much as we can :slight_smile:

I love what you have said couldn’t have said it better myself.

love this part >> Our bodies aren’t broken, they’re different, that’s all.

Ken that was beutifully written. I am training to become an occupational therapist and I am currently in my 4th year and final year at university :slight_smile: I am very keen to hear peoples personal narratives as It helps me to understand the problems, difficulties and emotions that people face and it is important to appreciate that everyones personal experience is individual. I would love to see a blog on here about peoples personal narratives and how Diabetis affects them. I think I may try and start one, Thank you for your inspiration and for sharing your thoughts with us. Regards, Mandy.