Life Changing has been the single most brilliant and inspiring “medication” in my diabetic life. Better than Humalog, better than Lantus, better than diet and exercise, better than glucose tablets. Oh…and waaay better than a trip to the endo.

See I wasn’t one of those “camp diabetes” kids. I didn’t have any diabetic friends. I didn’t read the diabetic magazines. I spent my high school and college years in diabetic denial. I lied to my endo. Forgot to count a few thousand grams of carbs. Partied like a rockstar and pretended that diabetes didn’t exist.

When it came to diabetes, I was an island unto myself. No one understood me. I was a freak of nature, and I kept it to myself. If you didn’t have to know, you didn’t know. And that was that.

This community has taught me more than to just accept my diabetes, but to embrace it. Embrace it for every finger sticking, every self injecting day that I get to challenge myself to rise above the situation. The faces that I see, the posts that I read, the stories that I share…it makes me realize that the diabetic wall I built around myself was pure nonsense. I realize now that I am not alone…and this new awareness has been empowered me every day to make better decisions toward handling my diabetes.

Thanks again my fellow freaks of nature. I’m really glad we all met :slight_smile:

Amen! I feel the same way :slight_smile:

You can’t really know what it feels like unless you have it - and the power of having so many people in one place who understand is awesome!

I am very happy to read this. It is good that you have found such help here.

and that is EXACTLY why i had to be a part of it!

Thank you for this words, really…

Isn’t it great? When I’m frustrated and post up something here someone always posts a comment that helps me see the lighter side of this disease.

Wow. I feel so much of what you describe - from the wasn’t-a-camp-kid thing to the diabetes-denial to the found-a-home-here feeling. I’ve just started blogging about it and though I’ve never kept a journal, I’m finding it just pours out of me when I finally have a forum to talk about my diabetes…and am comfortable doing so. Thanks for this (older) post. I feel human.