Out for Summer and Im Gettin a Dog!

Well first of all…SCHOOLS OUT!!! Ok we seriously need more than just 2 months for summer.
Ok about the dog. Im working on getting an alert dog! Im using a place called Betheden Kennels in Amerillo Texas. In order to reserve my dog, we need a $500 down payment. Where thats comming from I have no clue. But my mom told me to pick a dog anyway. So I went on the site and decided I want a German Shepard named Sierra. If you wanna see her, you can go to bethedenkennels.com, click on “dogs” and look for Sierra. Ann (the owner of the place) says she’s a really sweet dog.
On the down side…My principal doesnt really like the idea. My mom wants to try to get his approval but Im like “Hey, by law Sierra is a service dog and he cant do anything about it.” Haha moms like "Yeah, but we still should be nice."
So what else is new??

Sierra is gorgeous! Please keep us updated on your journey for your alert dog. This is exciting

And I did see Sierra…BEAUTIFUL !!I wish you , your family and the work you have to go through well to make this reality , that Sierra will live with you !!.
When I became a pumper in 2001 and my well being improved fastly things changed for me …we got a dog , a senior Rottie from the SPCA …he became a therapy dog , instead of a guard dog at the SPCA …Bruce is in doggie heaven , followed by 2 other senior rotties . Presently fostering 24/7 a 10 year old rottie gal …she has lost 22 pounds since living with us ; Penny was overweight …Mom maybe correct …about being nice …it just may work

wow that’s cool. I know this is a bit old and I haven’t read all your blogs yet, but did you get a dog? I’m just learning about these alert dogs. It sounds really cool.

Mikey- yes I got her. Her name is Shyla. She’s AMAZING! She does her job so well. Ive had her for about a month and a half now.

That is really cool. You are lucky. I cant believe dogs know how to sense that. =)

They can smell it. I actually got the dog this year, not last year. Ann (the owner and one of the trainers) decided not to give Sierra out as a service dog because she has too many health problems. She was a rescue dog. Her old owner treated her so badly that now she’s just got so many problems from it. Ann said when she went out to get her she could see every bone in her body. The guy wanted $200 for her, but Ann ended up paying $100 for her. She’s in line to be adopted out as a pet now. Ann said she just couldnt leave Sierra with him. I got to see her. She’s a sweetheart.
Oh yeah, and since I posted this, Betheden Kennels has moved to Oklahoma City.