Betheden Kennels

Im getting an alert dog from Betheden Kennels for FREE!!! A scholarship became available and Ann (the owner) had to pick 2 people to get a free dog. All the 2 would have to pay for is the trip out there for training. She picked me and another young girl (9 years old) named Codi.

Im completely stoked! Ive already chosen my dog, Shyla, from the website.

I have NOTHING but good words about Ann and her bussiness. To her, its not just a bussiness, its her life. She doesnt seem to care about the money half as much as her clients. She has been a joy and an honor to work with.

Ann said that ever since I got turned down by Make A Wish, she's been thinking of a way to get me a dog. It takes a truely good person to be thinking about and worried about one kid all this time.

I know some of you have had some "problems" with Betheden, but I for one am confident that come June when I get Shyla, I will be able to get right back on here and still have nothing but good to say about Ann.

I am not this person.

Shyla is alerting great! Although I will admit that sometimes I don't pay attention to her like I should...My fault! Working on it though :)