Question for type I with no insurance

Ok guys this is a loaded question for those with no insurance and a type I........after struggling myself to get my insulin I have found that DR. and clinics and ever other places that has samples of insulin, TOSS IT OUT when it hits or is close to exp date. So with that being said I have asked for their insulin the kind I take that that is fixing to be tossed out. I have notice that it works as good as the none expired. So the question? would you use expired insulin if you could get it for the cost of shipping. I have a few ideals in my head and sent out a few emails to see if what I want to do will work. Insulin is not cheap but it is a life saving product that we as type I need to live. let me know what you think!

As long as it works, yes I would

since I live in canada I don`t have this problem of no insurance, you are either insured by work or by the goverment. that being said... I think that provided the insulin in not cloudy , or has any crystals in them (bad insulin) then it should still be ok to use, after the expiry I have heard that it still works, just maybe not as well as none expired.

and hey if it works for you and can save you a buck then why not??

I once used expired Insulin sold to me at CVS and they would not take it back after I opened it. Regular Inulin was cloudy and it worked but I only did it because I didn't have money to buy a new bottle. I do check the expiration date now though. Novolin R & N are under $25.00 a bottle at Walmart so without insurance thats what I do to save.