Ozempic and Invokana


So, since I can’t take metformin or Januvia due to side effects-:frowning: My doc gave me Ozempic to try. Has anyone here had experience with it? I have a sensitive stomach and really hate throwing up. I am scared to try it. I already have reflux and take Nexium for that. My doctor said it has fewer side effects than the other GLP-1 meds??? That’s what the weekly GLP’s claim but I think different people have different experiences.

She also gave me a sample of Invokana. I am not as afraid to try that. Anybody have anything to say about Invokana, good or bad?? I am more inclined and less scared to give that a try.

Thanks in advance!

I am very prone to side effects as I am a slow metabolizer of drugs-:frowning: