Ozempic or Mounjaro and type 1's

I have had t1d for 41 years.I was never a thin t1. Trulicity had minimal results.
My dr wants to have me take either ozempic or mounjaro. (of, course, along with insulin/pump). She would prefer mounjaro because many of her patients have had great weight loss results. I said I would try either one (depends on insurance coverage). I see a few comments on ozempic. does anyone have experience with mounjaro and being t1? thanks

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My wife took Ozempic and lost ~50 pounds. Eventually she switched to Rybelsus which is a pill version. It’s slightly less potent but still keeping the weight off.

I’m a type 1 and never taken a GLP-1 so far. Mainly because I do not every want to feel nauseous. I would joke with my wife the reason people lose weight on Ozempic is because every time they eat they feel nauseous.

Also she never actually got sick, just a little nauseous.

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I can’t comment on Monjaro, but it is suppose to deliver more weight loss than Ozempic. I have been T1D 58 years, and always struggled with weight. I started Ozempic 9 months ago and lost 32 lbs. I believe I have achieved my set point of 160lbs/5’8". I feel great. My insulin sensitivity is way up, and my A1c before had been 5.8 and remains at that level. I found that my needed dose to be 1 mg, but YMMV. I stopped feeling anxious about food and wanting to snack, and general anxiety is down overall. I also think my sensitivity to lows has improved.

A word about feeling nauseous - I only felt that when initially starting out and when escalating to the next dose, and only when eating. Once I achieved the final effective dose the nausea wore off after a week or so. But it was never to the point I felt sick. If you try to eat beyond the point of satiety you will feel uncomfortable, as you should anyway.

Monjaro should be no different - except you may find you need a lower dose due to the dual activity. Being on Medicare, it is not covered on my formulary. I think many, many, T1Ds would benefit being on this drug beyond the need for weight loss.


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