CGM Frustration

Sunday is my sensor change day. Changed it yesterdaymorning, calibrated three hours later at 139. Thiry minutes later, it alerted me to a low BG. I checked with my meter and was 139. I was at a wedding shower and lunch was late, so I checked again about an hour later and was still 139. Put that reading in again, ate lunch. All afternoon it alerted to a low, but I knew I wasn’t low. When I got home I restarted the sensor as “New” and thought that might help the calibration.

Wake up this morning and sensor says 126. Test and am 42. Drink juice, as I can’t calibrate with that low a reading. Within 20 minutes I got a high alert. Tested and was 79, which I entered. On the way to work I got a Bad Cal warning, so I just turned the stupid thing OFF!

Got to work and decided to just remove the sensor. Went into the bathroom to and removed it. I bled like I had been shot. In the two years I have had the sensor I have never bled like that. It was a mess.

Anyway, I am taking a vacation for today. So frustrating, as I count on that sensor a lot. But when it is that crazy, it does me no good.

I just switched from Minimeds CGM to DEXCOM, it was the best decision i have made
Animas is doing a promo where you can get the PING for only 200 USD if you turn in your old pump
And then i contacted dexcom and i was covered at 100%, this system is very beneifcial

I’m so sorry for your experience with your CGM. Just know that not all CGMs are equal, and none are absolutely perfect. So far my DEXCOM 7+ is serving me very well. However, even with my DEXCOM, sometimes if you are away from the receiver for long periods of time, you would get inaccurate readings. Also, if you sleep on the same side that the transmitter is on can also cause incorrect readings.

The key with using a CGM, is pay close attention to patterns, this is how you know when a reading is incorrect, just by looking at it.


I love the dex–I used to get them bleederes alot with the mininmed CG?M…I have only had one bleeder since siwtching–and it was not a bad one…just made the sensor cuckoo for about 8 hours…then was fine–dind’t even know it had bled until I went to change it–explained the cuckoo readings–the first I’ve had with dex too…

For me at least it is much more reliable, and sooo much more comfy


My mom always used to tell me, “NEVER, say never”. However, I confidently used to tell myself, "I would NEVER use a minimed CGM Unit. Girl, when I saw the size of that huge *ss needle… It was a rap… LOL.


I’m taking a vacation day today too. I put in a new (Dexcom) sensor last night and it hurt horribly from the get-go. I left it in for about 4 hours, but it wouldn’t stop hurting (the numbers it was getting were fine). Finally yanked it out before bed last night, taking a day off now. Feels good.

I usually really like my minimed. Once I got the hang of it, no problems. Once in a while something would get screwy, but not often.

Yes, the needle is big. It took me a while to get past that. I used to have to rev myself up to insert the sensor, and then chill out as much as possible, so I wouldn’t mess up the results. I finally decided just to GET OVER IT! and things have gone a lot better.

But I have never bled like that before. Once in a shile some blood will show up around the insertion site, sometimes not until days later. But this was wild!

We also switched from MM to the Dex for my daughter and the difference is incredible. Who knew? Night and Day difference.

With Dex you can enter calibrations pretty much anytime - it will even still work if you don’t enter them on time (not that my teen would forget or anything :slight_smile: MM wigs out if you enter calibrations that are too far off from the sensor number. I found this so incredibly frustrating because if my sensor number is off I SHOULD be able to enter the real # from my meter and get the sensor back on track. It’s crazy.

If you are open to switching I think you will love the Dex. If you feel like you can’t switch because of your pump being in warranty - there is a program at Omnipod right now that can help, and someone else mentioned Animas although I don’t know about that one personally. I only mention that because we stuck with MM because of our MM pump, until we learned about the Omnipod promotion.

Good luck!

Were did you place it? It is only approved for the stomach. I only felt a pinch when I first put it on. after that, it doesn’t hurt at all. If it hurt as much as you say it did, you may have inserted the needle in a muscle area. That is a no no. Although, i’ve met a few people who like to inject in the muscle, it still never a good idea.

Lastly, you have to be carful, I find that the sensor needle can easily bend. If it does bend THAT is a pain in the *ss. That is the most annoying and uncomfortable feeling.


Yeah, I know it’s only approved on the belly but I’m 8+ months pregnant and those things are going on my ‘love handle’ area - right next to where I wear my OmniPod. Definitely no muscle but it did feel like it was going into muscle. I’ve had that happen before on my tummy too - I think it hurts like that when I get the sensor too close to a nerve ending or something. I was seriously cursing that thing yesterday. It’s good to have a day off every now and then. I’ve been pretty militant with the bg’s for the last 8 months.

I’ve did the lower part of my “love handle” and that hurt like crazy.I can only do it starting from the same level as my belly button. I’m wondering if your pregnancy has made you more sensitive? Also, to my understanding, someone told me a while ago that certain over-the-counter drugs can make injections more painful.

Oh yeah, Congrats…