Pain Meds

So, I had to take some pain meds on sunday. When I woke up I was 98…awesome! Then I ate and took some advil. When it was time for lunch I was almost 200! Oh, my. Not good.
I’m not positive it was the meds, but does anyone have a suggestion for pain meds that won’t screw a bs up? Anything will be amazingly helpful!

I have been on pain meds for over a year, prescription ones and I haven’t seen that they affect my blood sugars. As a diabetic my doctor doesn’t want me talking advil due to the already increased risk of kidney damage, he told me to take tylenol if I take any otc pain meds.

I can tell you that sertin pain meds will make me low not high. Does this help at all? Always remember what works for me maynot work for you though. You in a diabetic body! HA!!

ha. =P
thanks for that advice. i asked my cde today but she said i needed to ask my endo. so i will be making a call soon to find out.

Persription pain meds don’t seem to make mine change but the otc ones like advil or aspirin will drop me like a rock. I can’t even touch advil or any ibuprophen because those in script form were what caused my pancreas to fail totally.

Is the blood glucose increase due to the pain, not the med??

That’s actually a good thought. I didn’t even think of that at the time. But now that I am, I believe the pain may have caused it spike. B/c after lunch it went back down. Thanks for the input. It helps alot!

you’re welcome…