Pain Medication and Blood Sugar Control

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I was in a car accident this past Monday and was prescribed some hefty pain medication (percocet and muscle relaxers) for my injuries. I took the week off from work, too, so this could be a factor. But my question is this. Do pain medications affect blood sugars? Before the accident, I was taking ~30 units Toujeo a day. Now I’m up to 42 units a day and my numbers are still close to 200 all day. I was running at an average of 95 for a fasting blood sugar reading before this. The doctor at the ER couldn’t answer my questions about the medication affecting my numbers and just told me to keep an eye on them and adjust my insulin as needed. Well, thanks for the unhelpful advice, doc, 'cause I do that every day anyway.

Has anyone else experienced this with pain medication? Did you have to taper your insulin down once you stopped taking the medication, or was there a sudden decrease in your needs because of the lack of medication?

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PS I have whiplash and some giant bruises, but no major injuries, thankfully.

Sorry to hear about your injures…I have taken many pain medications and don’t remember any increase in BG from the meds but stress and the healing process defiantly increases BG.

Narcotic Pain medications can also mask hypoglycemia…be extra vigilant!!!

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Injuries are inflammations and can on their own cause higher blood sugars. And pain can be a stress, further increasing your blood sugars. So despite any medications you should be prepared for higher blood sugars.

I am sorry for the situation. I hope what I have to write will be helpful.

I agree with Brian. I take roughly the same pain meds day in day out. My insulin load is corrected to account for normal whatever that is. These include muscle relaxers (AS). and a limited number of Hydrocodone.

When my inflammation increases i do not increase the meds, but my blood sugar goes up. Is it inflammation? Stress? i have come to believe the answer is yes.