Paradigm and CGM

My son is 4 years old and we have been using the CGM for about 3 months off and on. I get so frustrated with the darn sensors. I am always having issues, either the sensor is bad or the transmitter is too weak. I love and hate the CGM! I love it because it gives me peace of mind when it comes to lows on my son, but I hate it because I have so many issues with the sensors. Does anyone go through the same issues or have any advise?

We used to, but once we started putting it in before bed and then first starting it in the morning, we rarely have errors. I’ve had luck using the sensor up to 6 days before having to replace it. I have also found that if placed too close to muscle I have problems. We place her CGM from her upper hip area/upper buttock where she has some fatty tissue and switch it from side to side each week.

Also, we learned this after a week of frustration, if you are using a digital baby monitor in his room, that will screw up the transmission from the sensor to the pump.

All I know is that all four of the adults that I know who wear a minimed pump, gave up on the CGM and are all now wearing a Dexcom CGM instead. I haven’t tried one yet (still fighting insurance) but that’s what I’ve heard from them.

Hi, Melnalex,

We don’t have too many issues with my daughter’s CGM. We usually can get 6 days out of it as well. Our trainer helped us figure out the best times to calibrate so the BG is stable. For us, that’s usually when she first wakes in the morning, around 3pm before her snack, then after bedtime when I check her before going to sleep myself. Because of this schedule we rarely get the sensor error that others complain about.

In the beginning I did have some issues and our Trainer ran me through some trouble shooting (checking to be sure the transmitter was charged, checking something else (I forget) on the transmitter with the little blue shaped device that came in the kit with the CGM. It’s also possible to have a bad batch of sensors. I was having more issues with my first box, but no issues with my 2nd box. Sorry, I can’t advise you completely, but if you call Medtronic, I’m sure they’ll run you through these tests to see if there’s a problem.

I have loved getting the alarms in the night when she’s about to go low, and we can usually catch them and turn off the basal so she doesn’t go low. I also use hydro-cortisone on her sites after I change them because her skin gets very irritated from wearing the IV 3000 for 6 days. Hope this helps! Feel free to ask further questions & let us know how it works out!