Medtronic Paradigm problems

Hi, fellow type-1's,

I've been a pump wearer for years. When the Cozmo got discontinued, I swapped it for a Paradigm, in order to start with a CGM. At the point I got the Paradigm, I had decided to take a break from the pump, which I had been using for several years, and was use multiple daily injections. I was tired of being hooked up to something.

Anyway, so when I intially started using the Paradigm, I was essentially using it as a Guardian--not using the insulin pump part, just the CGM part. -Which I am still trying to do......

I've had many problems with this....which I don't totally understand. I got repeated "lost sensor" alarms, and there was some problem with the pump piston; I had to set the pump basal to zero, since I didn't want insulin, and this may have confused the system...for example, the "rewind and prime" part of the process doesn't apply if you are only using the CGM part and not the pump part.

Then there was confusion about whether to leave the battery in or out during the breaks between using it.

I've had brief periods of the CGM working fine--but whenever I take a break from the CGM, of a week or two--that's when the system seems to mess up. I've now sent the Paradigm back 3 times for replacements, once the tech people run through everything on the phone and then tell me to send it back. I don't want to use the CGM 24/7--I'd like to use it for 4-5 days perhaps every other week--and I don't know if the problems are related to this, or if I'm just getting bad Paradigm systems??.

Anyway, as I type this, I have been on hold with Medtonic for 45 minutes....and would like suggestions from other users who also use their CGMs every few weeks, not continuously. I'm starting to get very frustrated, even though, when I do finally reach the tech people, they are very helpful and thorough.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.......still on hold.....


Hmmmm… no replies to my 6/12 post, so perhaps people can’t relate?

Technical question: since I’m using the CGM with MDI, when it’s time to take a sensor out, is there a way to choose “sensor end” when it doesn’t correspond to the 72-hour rhythm built into the CGM? (= when you are telling the CGM the sensor is done, not the CGM telling you…)
Right now the paradigm is alarming and I don’t know how to turn it off w/o taking the battery out. I was advised to keep the battery to preserve my settings…
advise welcome!

You can go into the menu and chose start new sensor any time you want to. Is that what you’re wanting to do? When I wore the Minimed I just restarted a sensor early if it was more convenient. If you’re wanting to take a break from CGMS then go in to the sensor set up screen and turn sensor off. I don’t have my Minimed any more I switched to Animas and Dexcom so can’t tell you the exact steps.

I never did try to use the Paradigm as a CGMS only so can’t speak to your other questions in terms of a solution. Other than to say if I was in your shoes I would look into getting a Guardian receiver even if it meant paying for it out of pocket.


sarah -

i just started on the medtronic revel and i had lots of issues with lost sensor. after much trouble-shooting with medtronic, we determined that the sensor just didn’t like where it was. whenever i moved, the sensor would apparently move and thus, the lost sensor. even though all of the medtronic and med people will tell you that the sensors are only FDA-approved for the abdominal area, that’s where i’ve had all of my difficulties. ive found that putting the sensor on my side or back works much better. you just need to make sure it’s above where your pants sit. i also have had better luck placing the sensor vertically, rather than horizontally. hope this helps. it’s VERY frustrating to not have it work. i almost gave up after the first week. and, yes, one must hold FOREVER on medtronic and the hold music nearly sends me over the edge!



If you wish to end your sensor early, just go to: Sensor > Edit Settings (4th menu down) > Sensor > Off

I have done this plenty. Usually because I want to choose WHEN to start my sensor. Usually in the morning before heading off to work.

As for the LOST SENSOR, I sometimes get this when working on the computer. I think there is some minor interference that doesn’t allow the transmitter and pump to communicate well. If I understand, you aren’t restricted in pump placement so move it around a bit. I have also warned people about not waiting long enough between steps when starting out a new sensor. Always allow enough recharge time for the transmitter (apx 20 min). I use this time for the “wetting” of the sensor as well. When you pull the transmitter off the charger, wait about a minute before attaching to sensor. At that point, make sure the little green light begins to blink, the wait 15-20 seconds after that before starting the sensor on the pump.

If you set the pump down to the lowest basal rate (.05 .025) and just let it go until it is done, you might get enough time before “re-priming”. However, you can rewind at anytime without effecting the sensor. So it shouldn’t matter if you prime during your 5-6 days.

Good Luck!

I can relate to being on hold. However, I use the minimed paradigm 522 along w/minimed cgm so don’t know about using it w/MDI’s. I will tell you that hold time was minimal until minimed opened another call center in TX. They were only in CA. I live in TX…
I have so many comments about the time and money spent on these damn things, I will just keep them to myself. Lately, the technology seems to be working but my BG’s are terrible.

I use the CGMS with the 522, and I use it for vacations, when eating at new venues, and just sometimes day to day. I will wear it for about 6-7 days on one sensor and leave it alone for a while. I work in the public schools, and will try to keep it on more continously this school year, which is coming up.
I find that the longer the “wetting time” the more accurate the readings. I will put on a new sensor before bed with the transmittoer, but turned OFF.
Wehn I get upo in the mrning, I turn it , press start nes sensor, Iand calibrate 15 minutes before breakfast, It is already “wet” so it does not take 2 hours as the pump will read. some times as litle as 5-6 minuters the transmittor and snsor are ready to accept a blood glucose, which is good for me, as my blood glucose will start to rise not long after I get up…

I also have found out the it is quite accurate if it is properly wet with interstitial fluid ; and if The ISIG divided by blood sugar number is close to 7 or 8. If calibrate at a relatively stable time when those numbers are good, the CGMS is always reliable. I wish I could help you with using it with MDI more, but I have not had that experience.

God bless,