Revel pros and cons

Okay folks
I started this discussion with the Animas group yesterday and thought I should ask the same here since I’m ready to upgrade. If you’ve been on the Revel for a while, what is your opinion of the pump and/or the CGMS? I’m on the 522, or Guardian, now and it is my understanding that the only thing to change is that the pump now delivers .025 units and the sensors no longer have to be refrigerated. Is there anything you can tell me that has also changed? Or gotten better? I’d also like it in comparison to other pumps if you have experience with them.
Many thanks for your input! This will make my decision making a little easier.

In addition to the features you note, these are the things I like about the revel vs the 722:

  • It displays Insulin On Board on several screens, so you don’t have to enter a bg to get it

  • It has predictive CGM alerts, so that you don’t have to set your low alarm higher. Instead, you can set it at 70-75 and the pump will alert you as you approach it. It slightly reduces ‘fasle’ alarms you might get when you’re 80 but stable.

  • DO NOT DISTURB! You can silence ALL CGM alerts (including calibration) for times when you just don’t want to be bothered. Can be set for any duration by 30 min intervals. You’ll get any alarms at the end of the silence period.

    Someone said that the CGM accuracy is improved, but this may not be the case for later-version 722s. I got the 722 about 2 years ago and the Revel this past fall. I linked both pumps to the same sensor for a few days, and I got the exact same numbers from the same calibrations on both pumps. I don’t know what software version on the 722 this applies to.

    The cons are all the same for the device other than what they list. Customer service/support is also nose-diving at MM. When I make my next decision in 2 years, I’ll probably make my decision based on the technology available at that time. Right now, I’m relatively happy to be on the Revel even if I’m not so happy that it’s a Minimed pump.

Wow Tom, I’m surprised you had a bad experience with MM’s customer service. Only once do I remember that happening over the last 24 years. Otherwise they’ve been more than helpful every time I’ve called. Although, when I was sporting a CGMS, I did get tired of making those lengthy phone calls to explain the same thing over and over. I’m really leaning close to going with the DEXCOM this time around just because it has fairly good statistics. Thanks for your help!

You’re welcome! I loved MM up until 2 years ago. Then, they literally misplaced almost everything me or my doctor or my insurance sent to them. Supply cards, no big deal. My insurance company sent the approval for my CGM, but they sat on it until I called them a week later and they some how found it. Same thing for my Revel upgrade, delayed about 2 months because they didn’t ‘find’ it until I called (I guess I’m too patient). Then there was the $3200 bill for the 722 I returned that they didn’t seem to ‘get’ until I gave them the tracking number. Took 2 months to get sorted out. In the end it’s all been ok, but I’m starting to lose faith to say the least:) I’d rather not have to call and be on hold any more than necessary!

Hey Tom
I completely agree with you about wasting time on the phone when it shouldn’t be necessary. I know you have 2 years left on your warranty but have you checked out my thread in the Animas group? I asked for people’s opinions and I don’t think I’ve gotten one negative response yet. Too, the pumps are pretty much the same, option for option, plus they have a color screen and are waterproof. I think I’m really leaning closer to jumping ship this time around. Good luck to you for the next 24 months!