Parent of a Type 1 with Type 1 myself

I was curious how common this is? My wife and I, before getting married, went to discuss the chances of our children getting Type 1 should we decide to have children with my Endo. We were told at the time (this was in 1994) that were my wife the one that was Type 1 and not myself (so reversed than what was reality) it would be a greater chance of being passed on to our children.

Now fast forward to 2006 when my 2nd daughter was diagnosed (on our Anniversary no less) with Type 1. We discussed with my daughters Endo what we were told back in 1994. Apparently sometime between 94 and 06 they reversed that thinking and even now studies show that if the Father is Type 1 the children have a greater chance of turning up with Type 1. Not that it matters though, we still would have had children either way.

Are any of you Parents, like me, Type 1 as well?

If so, I wonder if you see the same advantages that I do. When I was diagnosed I was the first and only one in my family with Diabetes. I didn’t know anyone with Diabetes at home or school. This led me to rebell… turn my back on my health. Thankfully I am past that but through it I learned lessons that will certainly be passed on to my daughter that is living with it. Having her watching me be her example is a burden that I welcome.

Hi. In our family my husband is the T1, but he was not diagnosed until after we had kids when he was about 30. Our daughter was diagnosed 6/10/06 at age 11.

Our son and I were tested for the Trialnet study and have found that I actually also carry one of the auto-antibodies for T1.

In our family, our daughter has really been the impetus for my husband to step up his game. He has finally found a great endo who is wonderful with adult T1s. He is finally counting carbs and taking the correct amount of insulin for what he eats. His numbers have improved greatly. We are waiting to hear back from our insurance company about approval to get an insulin pump. Our daughter has been on a pump for about 14 months now and it has been wonderful!

My daughter and her father are both type 1. He was diagnosed at 10 (25 years ago), she was dxd at 23 months (3 years ago). At the time we had her I didn’t know any statistics - we were just told that it wasn’t likely. I recently read something similar to what you said - if the father has type 1 the children have a greater chance. I wonder if there’s something with fathers and daughters. We went to Diabetes Family Camp 2 years ago and there were three families in our cabin. All three had type1 fathers and daughters.

I definitely see it as an advantage that she has her father as an example and just that they have each other to understand. It sounds like what he went through was similar to your story. He didn’t know anyone else with diabetes and he rebelled hard in his teens and 20’s. He started taking better care of himself when we got together and even better when our daughter was diagnosed. There are still improvements he definitely needs to make - but he’s come far in the last 6 years.

My husband is in the same situation as you. Our son , now 6½ , was dignosed with diabetes type 1 four days before his second birthday ( and he is born on christmas day…that Christmas was not a funny one…).My husband was dignosed with diabetes at the age of 12 . He has not taken that good care of himself and his diabetes , but still it was a big relieve to have him when Gabriel was diagnosed. I could take it in my own pace when it came to injections for ex and i could also try it on him first since he had no problems with it.

Now the biggest benefits of it is that my son identifies himself even more with his father since they´re both diabetic. They understand each other on a whole different level than my son and i understand each other.

And yes, my husband too have much better bloodsugar levels nowadays and takes much better care of himself :slight_smile:

i have to add that in Sweden doctors say that the risk of having a diabetic child increases with 0,5 % if the mother or the father have diabetes than if you have non diabetic parents…

sam-same though…we wanted this guy and we dont want to be woithout him so we just deal with it, as i belive you do!

My father was type 1 at age 32. I was diagnosed at age 28 and my daughter was 6 when diagnosed. I was told the chances are greater when the father has Diabetes than the mother…hmmmmmmm. We sure have some great chances in our family! Maybe we should play the lottery! I do find though that people I have met with Type 1 with a child dx’d as well tend to be fathers.

Hi! My son was diagnosed at 13 months old. He is 14 now. I asked his Endo what the chances were for him to have a diabetic child and she told me it is 10% higher because he is a male. I think that is interesting! What patterns of diabetes have any of you found in your family? In my family I have a first born aunt that is diabetic on my dad’s side. (We assume that’s where the genetic catastrophe comes from, since my mom’s side and his Bio Father’s side doesn’t have any diabetics.) My father also has 4 fisrt cousins, all first born that were diagnosed with type 1. None of my cousins have it, (or anyone from my generation). My son is a first born and there are 2 other first borns in our extended family that have been diagnosed. Weird!

My dad was the first that we know of. I think it is intersting that he was dx’d as an adult and I was dx’d as an adult. My daughter is the first young type 1 in our family. My husbands Aunt was also Type 1 at age 13…but I know everyone in our support group here have children diagnosed and no family history anywhere.

Interesting Kelly (and all the rest of you thanks for the replies). I also was the first known in my family to be diagnosed Type I. It makes you wonder if technology caught up to be able to detect easier or something similar. I was left with the impression that it was rare not to have a relative with a previous history of Type I. Of course, I think I was also told that they didn’t think (or know) if Type I was genetic.

I was diagnosed in 1985 at the age of 15 and was told then, and my daughter was told when she was diagnosed 2 years ago that a cure is just around the corner (within 10 years for her and me). I really do hope and pray that they can reverse, and not just stop the proliferation of Type I.

My son and I are both Type 1. I was diagnosed at 20 and he was diagnosed 2 years ago, when he was 5.

I was always told that T1 is not genetic, and I was the only one in my with it, so I was actually really surprised when Mason was diagnosed.

I will say this I’m a Type 1 and so is my oldest girl. I heard from a dr that diabetes was inharted through the mom about 3 years ago but my dad had in his family about 4 Type ! then and now his family has 8 Type 1’s in that family. As for my mom’s well really don’t know about it b/c she was the only daughter and I am the only granddaughter from that side. The guilt is so over baring when they get that diagnosis (for me anyway) that it seems to freeze you in time! I will never forget when my oldset was diagnosed…My daughter had been losing weight so fast but I took Type 1 at 10 and DIDN’T want her to ever get it so I put it off to she was going to enter her teens and was losing weight off b/c of that she was 11 then…She was staying alot with my parents and at school so I never got to see her drinking like crazy and peeing too. She started throwing up one night here at my house (I live 100 ft from my dad’s house my mom passed 4 years back) and when I told my parents they said she had been drinking and going to the bathroom like crazy. I knew what was happening then so we took her to the ER and the first thing I told the ER phisian was to check her bs…It came back as 374! Knew exactly what it was then!!! Started blaming myself and all that that goes with it. Now she’s 20 and has 2 girls of her own one 22 months and the other 4 months yes we keep a close eye on them b/c her hubby’s father was a Type 1 also and my hubby’s mother was a Type 2. In all honestly I think God only gives it to the strongest ppl and we show the youngsters how to deal with it through our actions. Love that little girl. You like me have a partner to help you through the rough times!! My youngest turned 18 in January and still showes no sign of it! But then again she’s not the strongest in the family! She is so scared of needles that it ain’t funny!!!