Passion for sushi and sashimi

i am,for the most part, a vegitarian, and i love japanese food. mostly i stick to eating just sashimi(no rice) but often i will indulge in sushi (with white &sweetened rice) giving myself an estimated bolus by guessing what my carb intake may be. as i go to the same restaurant, i have gotten a decent handle on how much to bolus for. now and then, however, my guess is way off the mark.

also, as i have been patronizing this particular restaurant, bringing in family and friends, they often send me something special on the house...something which is not on the menu. no matter how many times i have tried to explain to them that i dont drink alcohol and i dont eat anything with sugar, they still send over a saki (rice wine) or a plum wine or an asian cheesecake. i feel terrible having to send it bk, but i do.

i just returned home from dining there, and it was a success as far as what the chef sent me on the house. it was devine. now i just have to wait it out B4 i test my BSs ltr.

anyone else enjoy a delicious japanese meal?

I had sushi on Friday. We have a decent place that's by us and by my office. I was lazy getting going in the AM and decided to get a roll for lunch. I agree that the tendency of a lot of places is to toss in extra goodies, which is dicey after I've already bolused for what I ordered but I figure I'll just bolus some more!

My friend took me to the Plum Garden Restaurant Thursday, my first time ever eating Japanese food. I had miso soup, salad and bento box, an assortment of shrimp tempura, broiled fish, sashimi and more. It was pretty good, but I think if I go again I'll go for the hibachi.

hey there Aeon! whats up? you wont walk a 1/2 mile for good japanese food??? have you gone bonkers?? LOL, Daisy Mae

I love seaweed salad. Sadly, my tolerance for sushi has gone down. I count maki sushi as about 6g per piece. Before diabetes, I could eat 25-30 pieces. No longer. But give me a pile of sashimi and seaweed salad and I am happy.

ps. Some places will make a "sashimi roll" with no rice. Here is a post with some pictures. I've made them at home as well.

I love those cucumber rolls! Super tasty and low carb, so if I eat 4 or 5 of them, I don't have to set my insulin pump to warp 10! I have found that the brown rice sushi rolls from Whole Foods are pretty easy on my BG too.

My fave Japanese meal is seafood and greens bought to the table raw together with a little heater on which sits a container filled with broth. You have some very long chopsticks and dip pieces of fish and vegetable into the boiling broth for a short time and then put it on a bowl of rice and eat it. Now I am diabetic the rice is drastically cut down (I have problems with rice and chopsticks anyway!). I love Japanese food, but they do get very worried if you don't eat the rice and come to ask if it is not cooked to my liking.

i LOVE seaweed salad, too!!!! i forgo the rice on the sushi and only eat the sashimi. there are so many dishes available w/out rice, you just need to experiement. i great roll that i love is made with thinly sliced cucummber, wrapped around tuna and avocado.(the avocado seems to keep my BSs in ck.)

i lived in Japan for a little while and learned a lot about enjoying japanese food. so, i am never afraid of experimenting. eat away!!!!LOL