What do you do when you’re craving any kind of Asian food? I’m on the Minimed pump now, but I’m still afraid to go to my favorite restaurants (Japanese and Korean) after some really bad experiences with going horribly high. I think I bolus enough, but then I shoot up like crazy. What do you do with all that "hidden sugar?"

Any tips?

I agree its a big guessing game. I just know I have to test 1 - 2 hours later. Its worse when you bolus before the meal and it sucks and you dont finish it…NOW WHAT??..

I don’t eat sushi, but I make my own Asian food at home, so I can control what’s put into it :slight_smile: Stir fries are easy to do, and some sauces like Sun-Bird packets for different things (orange chicken, chop suey, beef broccoli, etc), are pretty low carb.

I love sushi.

Hidden? I don’t think it’s hidden at all, it’s rice, sugar-coated rice in fact, in plain sight.

I love sushi.

You have to look at the carbs in context.

I love sushi.

Sushi can be a big part of a meal without really having the carbs dominate the thought process.

I love sushi.

I think we can enjoy food more if we instead of thinking of meals as just carbs, we think of them more wholistically. Is that even a word?

I love sushi.

I lived in Vancouver BC for a couple of years and got really really good at dosing for sushi. Some talk about sushi as if it is something unusual, esoteric, an exceptional thing. But even though I grew up in Iowa (Sushi in Iowa? Hah! I’m sure I never had it there!) I adapted to sushi, loved it, crave it!

I love sushi.

I don’t think it’s a “trick”, but just like for all carbs, you have to take the sugar-coated rice in context. Just 'cuz you had a high bg afterwards, is no reason to give it up.

I love sushi.

Heck, apple pie and bagels have a place in all diets too :-). There aren’t any bagels in Iowa. Or so I thought, until I went to college, and discovered Bruegger’s Bagel Bakery. Which are not as good as NY bagels by any means, but are pretty damn good.

I love sushi.

There are lots of different dimensions to sushi. There’s really expensive sushi. There’s cheap sushi.

I love sushi.

Don’t give up. Keep on trying sushi. Or any other food you love. There are militant low-carbers. There is moderation. And then there is sushi, apple pie, and bagels.

I love sushi.

I don’t think it’s a “trick” but take advantage of “the pizza effect”. Carbs when mixed in with proteins and fats aren’t so bad. (Did I mention bagels? Did I mention BAGELS AND LOX? There’s no good salmon in Iowa either!!!)

I love sushi

Love sushi, but it doesn’t love me back. I now stick to sashimi & hand rolls with no fake crab (loaded with sugar). The Japanese restaurant I go to makes rolls with no rice made with cucumber strips. Wonderful with raw fish. I eat eel without the sweet sauce added. Miso soup doesn’t bother me & I don’t eat the tofu.

I can’t eat Thai food without sky rocketing. I make my own Pad Thai using Miracle Noodles (zero calories, zero carbs).

There’s a Korean grill restaurant in my neighborhood where I can select my own ingredients & sauces & they grill it up. Not the same as more yummy Korean dishes, but it doesn’t send me high.

I have the exact same problem. I just LOVE Sushi, but like Gerri says, it doesn’t love me back… last time I did a Square Wave Bolus and I’ve seen some improvement, at least I didn’t reach the 300’s…

I like sushi, but of course sushi is actually about the rice, and often the rice is even prepared with sugar. These days, I go with sashimi. Many places will even have sashimi rolls, skipping the rice and using cucumber.

In order to satsify my cravings, I have taken to making my own at home. I buy the ingredients at the local asian markets and for about $20-30 you can stuff yourself low carb.

I sympathize with you on the whole Korean restaurant thing. We have a large Korean community and there are many very fine Korean restaurants. And these are authentic, you can find your waiter does not speak english. And you can forget about inquiries on exactly what is in the dishes.

I had sushi 2x last week, did a square wave bolus for both days, and was a bit high afterwards, 170. I could handle it. Ask for a nutritional listing, or think about what you might have before you go, look up the numbers and go with that.

No more pics of gorgeous food! You’re making me hungry!

I married into a korean family and get grief about not eating the rice but everything else is usually fine especially the cheobokum (spicy pork) and kalbi (shrot ribs) usually skip the tungsio (fried pork w/ sweet sauce but it is soooooo good) kimchi usually doesn’t bother me or the other side dishes. the tofu soups are awesome and usually not a cause for spikes for me at least. also the korean BBQ is fine you make your lettuce sandwich without the rice (not as good as the original but still pretty damn good)

i also love sushi but will have to go w/ sashimi or only 1-2 pieces of a roll

so inshort skip the riceand anything w/ a sweet sauce and I think you should be ok

that’s me – the rice and sweet sauce (ok, any sauce) kill me. I do go to restaurants and get the salmon, any veggies not coated in sauce, there are actually menu items I can have. I just ask for the meal and have it steamed and any sauce on the side = control. We just don’t do Asian very often because its really hard to resist eating really yummy stuff that I know will not like me.

I didn’t know all that about sushi – I’ve gotta try the cucumber rolled stuff! Sounds good. I’ve made (ok - this is pathetic) “sushi salad” – take all the ingredients I’m allowed and toss them in a small salad format. NOT as much fun as sushi but I get the flavors. Kind of like taco salad. lol

good luck in your search for Asian food that likes you.

yes, i hope they make some “miracle” rice with zero carbs or low carbs. i love sushi but i can only stick to sashimi, negimaki or gasp i sit there taking the rice out of the roll and eating only the fish and vegetable part. not too many places make sushi with cucumber strips instead of rice. i wish they could make sushi with minimal rice (just enough to make the seaweed stick) or no rice.

I love sushi…but it is often impossible for me to count the carb on the rice and heavily sugared sauce does not help. So often I settle for sashimi with cucumber salad which I also like. In a local Japanese restaurant, sometimes, I get special requests from the sushi chef (being a frequent customer). They often agree to making me sushi using brown rice, or what they call “no rice alternative” - specialty rolls wrapped in cucumber or seaweed instead of rice. I love Asian food and cook many myself. I try to avoid anything fried or coated like tempura. I also shy away from the very sweet condiments. Foods that are steamed works for me too like shrimp, dumplings (siomai), fish, and fresh veggie spring rolls. Stick to the rolls with a lot of visible fresh uncooked fish and vegetables such as avocado or cucumber.
Hot green tea with the meal also helps for me…

Same here, I had a bad experience the other day with Asian food and plan to stay away from it for a while.

I too am a sushi lover, besides the obvious of giving yourself a added insulin boost , as I usually add like 7-10 untis of fast acting insulin when indulging in a sushi meal, Im not on the pump so not quite sure what that trade off would be , but asking the waiter to make your sushi with brown rice in stead of white , makes a ton of difference, give it a try , you really dont sacrifice taste at . all I eat now is brown rice, and the change is like comparing white bread to wheat bread all the difference in the world… :wink:

I love sushi too. I am on MDI and usually have to split my injections - about 50% up front and then I take the other 50% about an hour after. Works for me.

My daughter eats sushi with no problems. Maybe it’s because she’s only 10 and probably doesn’t east more than 5 pieces, which count for 3.5 or 5 carbs each, depending on size. Now dim sum . . . oh Lord, that’s another matter entirely.

sushi… i love it… but my bg hates it… i don’t bolus so can’t really help you there… but oh boy… just a few pieces and i can easily shoot up to 180s… probably even 200s

now i just try and stick with the sashimi or the teppanyaki section… my fav is still the steamed egg cawamushi =)

would taking off the wraps / skins of the dim sum help?

I usually absorb the insulin over time with apple juice :slight_smile: