Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) - do they help?

A number of groups, including Beyond Type 1 participated in a survey of those who have participated in PAPs offered by Lilly, Sanofi, Novo Nordisk and others.

Here is an interesting summary of the results.

PAP recommendations

Wow, 2 assistance programs over the course of the last 2+ years have saved me a ton of money. Love 'em!

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How did you hear about them and were they easy to apply for?

first thing is to know the manufacturer of the drug u want covered.

then google that name + assistance program

download and fill out the forms (pdf) and include Rx and supporting documents and mail that all to the company.

well worth your time to save 100’s or 1,000’s of dollars.

FYI: it’s all about INCOME. Two of mine cover anyone making less than 3X the poverty level. Another drug only allows up to 2X, so I failed to get that one.

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Do you have to re-apply each year?

What could be done to make the PAPs better?

Yes. I do that in November or very early December. New forms, new supporting docs, new Rx.

I think they are fine the way they are, truthfully.

One of the recommendations in this study is to make the income requirements more universal and at a higher level, 500% (5X) the poverty level. Would you support that?

Hmmm… that’s roughly $85K/year for a couple. Around here, that income won’t even get you anywhere near able to afford a home, so I suppose there is some merit to that idea.

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I’m not keen on mail-order insulin (I’ve had it before, but for years have gotten my insulin for free from my endo) but if that was the only option, I’d go for it.

I’ve been doing mail order for years after CVS Caremark originally made it hugely more expensive to use my local pharmacy, and it’s always worked well for me. The only exception I made was I never used the auto-order function, so I could make sure a package wasn’t sitting outside in the sun for days on end.

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That reminds me: I used to be required to sign for Lyrica (one of the drugs on the PAP). This year they dropped that rule. Weird how they changed the rule on that. It was so aggravating to have to stick around for the delivery. I actually have a life, sometimes. :slight_smile: