Paperwork for Free Insulin!

The above link is paperwork from Phizer, Sanofi-Aventis and Eli Lilly.
They are applications for their finanical need programs for free medications, Sanofi-Aventis makes Lantus, Eli Lilly makes Humalog and Phizer makes all kinds of stuff!

All you have to do is fill out the patient section, have your doctor fill out their section and provide a copy of your 2008 tax return or a tax transcript. It does work, so far Sanofi-Aventis sent me a years supply of Lantus! See the attached picture :slight_smile:

Hope this can help some people out, have a great day guys! :slight_smile:
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You are heaven sent!! I’m printing it tomorrow!! Thanks!!

no problem! I hope you get some free stuff :slight_smile:

just a comment to keep the discussion on the front page :slight_smile:

it’s the only way i get my medicine! It’s all based on my income and it goes straight to your docs office! I only wish they told me about this when i was first diagnosed!

i wish i would have known about this 8 years ago!! lol

Wow, Ryan what an awesome thing to share with everyone. Thanks so very much!!

no problem! I hope I can help some people out, I spent a lot of time digging through the internet to find this, it’s not listed very prominently on any pharmaceutical website, so it took some research to find. Also my mom is a social worker so she finds out about some info that most citizens aren’t privy to :wink:

better late than never i always say :wink: admittedly this is because i’m never on time, i was even born three weeks late!

sweet thanks! i saw your photo of all the Lantus… that’s worth a lot of money!!!
tell your mom thanks too :slight_smile:

it kinda looked like those pictures you see on the news of drug busts where they have it all laying out. hahaha

i went to print out the applications at my mom and dad’s because we don’t have a printer and tudiabetes was down for maintence…bummer!! i waited an hour and still nothing. oh well i’ll try again tomorrow!! i’m just so excited to get FREE insulin!!

haha omg yeah it does :slight_smile:


mos def :slight_smile:


thanks so much for sharing this info