Patient Assistance Resources

I thought I’d share this article I wrote that just got published on MyDiabetesCentral, talking about a series of Patient Assistance resources (i.e. resources for uninsured patients or folks who cannot afford their medications, etc.) Hope it helps!

If you have any other patient assistance sites you would like to recommend, please post them in here for everyone’s benefit.

Insurance for the “Medically Uninsurable” - State Risk Pool Phone Numbers

Thank you Manny & Melissa for your forever help & support for the medically uninsurable.

RX Outreach, Manny!

I’ve not had insurance since LONG before I was diagnosed just a bit over three years ago! This (RX Outreach) is the first (and only) place that I found, that didn’t require you to give up your first born’s pinkie toe, in order to be able to qualify for assistance!! Meaning, it’s EASY to qualify for assistance with them - without all the personal questions, and pitting against you, the incomes of others that live with you! (Say, like your GROWN children!! - or even non-blood related family members who share your household!!)

The people were VERY friendly, and service was VERY quick!! The ONLY reason I left them, was that Walmart came out with thier $4 plan, it was cheaper for me to use Walmart for the meds I had. If I ever have a med that I can’t get anywhere else cheaper, I will DEFINITELY use RX Outreach again!

That is why I love this community,every one is fast to help& support.

Great resources, Melissa and… Melissa! :slight_smile:

Manny its been a whie since i’ve logged on tu the site… But i had to today because i wanted to thank you for sharing this on the site.