Patient Rights vs office policy

I got totally spoiled by my former Endo (only changed because we moved 1,000’s of miles away). His approach ws that I was my PCP, he was there to consult, and of course for Rx’s. I learned to take care of myself, basically by myself, and to make necessary changes. And I am smart enough (and stubborn enough) to not take Endorks seriously


I understand that we’re not common but these docs need to look behind some of the data they likely dismiss as anecdotal. We are highly motivated carb-limited T1Ds paying attention using social media and deploying the latest technology without regard to its official approval status. Just because something is rare is not proof that it doesn’t exist. Some of these docs might learn more spending some time engaging here rather than attending their next professional meeting. They might learn that well-controlled T1D (and T2D!) is not as rare or non-existant as they think.


They don’t even have to go to the DOC to see that – there’s Dr. Richard Bernstein’s own diabetes, which is well documented, as well as Dr. Stephen Ponder. Beyond that, but not even too far, are many of the patients of both of those doctors. And yes, online, the examples are plentiful, without even looking too far. I won’t say truly engaged patients are as commonplace as we’d like, but they certainly exist and are not difficult to find.

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Well, I hate to say it, but what’s a “PCP” in this context?

Speaking of which, if someone has some time some day, maybe they could compose a dictionary of TuD acronyms and post it where it can be easily found.


I would assume PCP to be a Primary Care Physician.

That’s been done here before but I don’t think it’s been kept up, not sure.

The TuD search function can be useful for these type of questions. Just click on the magnifying glass icon at the upper right corner of your screen.

Not a lot, if anything, missing there, @Terry4… (Though, I have the bad habit of coining my own acronyms… like WD (witch doctor), WDD (witch doctor diet) and FoFS (feet on floor syndrome)…)

Not everyone is carb-limited.

Years ago I had a similar experience with an Endo (not with the same A1C perspective though). Decided the doctor was a quack and found another one. Tried a couple, found one that worked pretty well but she didn’t have a lot of time or patients on MDI. Then a friend told me about her Endo that was “the best doctor in Phoenix”. Turns out he was at the same location as the other one I didn’t like but the location was WAY more convenient. In order to switch, I had to go through some “rigamarole” through the office and had to be “released” from the other doctor even though it had been about 7 years. Needless to say, this new one is the first to ever actually take ownership of me as a person, not just a number and his care/response has been quite comprehensive. After 43 years of T1, this is a huge change from what I had prior so now I’m glad I went through the effort.

If your doctor is not working out, definitely “fire” them. No reason to put up with that kind of mis-treatment!


It’s compatible with Android, but according to the DexCom rep, not approved for sale, at least where I live.

I think @Terry4 was just including me and him in “we” in that statement. Of course, we’re not all carb-limited – or anything else treatment-wise. We here on the forum for the most part are [highly-]motivated and engage patients/caregivers in that we are looking to take advantage of each others’ experience and expertise to do the best we can with this condition.

I misunderstood. I thought it was the royal collective diabetic “we”.

If you have a pump you are required to go to an Endo took me six years to train mine. Same problem. Thinks I am OCD. Recently went on Medicare and had to fight for enough test strips. We get along fine. I am respectful but will call Medicare mediator if necessary his office didn’t want to do paperwork for ok to test 8 times a day. LADA is enought to deal with without the added stress. Good luck. Can you go to a completely different office?

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Besides getting a new endo, some general doctors are willing to prescribe insulin for their patients. Mine does.