What would you do?

I guess this is a rant so, beware!

I had an appointment yesterday with my PCP. I read my Medical Chart and I found LOTS of errors on it. I'll list only two since there're are so many errors I don't want to bore you.

1)She has written that I had surgery to remove my gall bladder (which I did NOT nor did I ever have problems with my gall bladder).

2)She also, has me listed as a T2 and I'm T1. She was the one that diagnosed me with T2 diabetes solely based on my age (46). I was sick like a dog back then because every medicine she put me on was not working. Looking back I was in DKA living on the sofa and only getting up to pee because I didn't have the strength to do anything else. I remember clearly asking her to test me for T1 because everything I was reading seemed to be what I was experiencing. She refused saying the test was too expensive. So what! I'm paying for it! I can't continue to live like this!

Fast forward.... since she couldn't get my bg's down she sent me to an Endo who re-diagnosed me and said I was clearly a T1. I had the test for Gad65 and C-Peptide. After showing her a print out of the labs she STILL is writing on my chart that I'm a T2. So, whenever I go to see a specialist they ask who's my PCP. They're getting my info from her and the info is wrong. This is following me around everywhere I go.

I am sooooo pissed right now because for years I've been dealing with this issue. I THOUGHT all of this time she had corrected it because I questioned her about it. So, at this point I'm thinking she must have given me an answer just to please me and shut me up. I've had it with her.

I'd like to hear your opinions on what I should do here.

And, is it common to have an Endo as a PCP?

For my Diabetes related stuff my endo is my only doctor. I have a PCP that i go to if I have other non diabetic related issues, like broken bones, papercuts, or shrapnel that needs to be removed. But my endo basically is my PCP.

I'm lucky to have a PCP who works in concert with my endo. She leaves the D and other endo stuff to him and takes care of the rest.

I sure wouldn't let it ride. If it can't be fixed quickly, I'd bring an addendum (corrections) with me to any other doc appointments.

I asked her to change it countless times. I suppose it's my bad for staying with her. One time her reply was that insurance companies get confused if you make changes. UHH??? Really??? What a ridiculous answer!!!

This doesn't sound like a PCP who truly cares about you and who is careful and thorough. Whether it's about diabetes or not, it doesn't sound like you can trust her to be accurate about your health or to be conscientious. Can you find another PCP?

Best wishes with this!


Sure, I have a long list of PCP's to choose from on my insurance plan. I'll need to talk to family and friends to get suggestions and hope that they're on my insurance plan. I don't want to go jumping from one doctor to another.

We're even having problems with her billing our labs. According to our plan if our labs on drawn in office at the time of the visit our labs are covered. She's not billing it as an in office lab and we're having to pay out of pocket for something that should be covered. As we speak I'm dealing with this issue.

Yes, I did write her a letter in MyChart. I couldn't sleep that night because I was furious. So, I actually went back online at 3:00AM and logged onto MyChart and started writing everything that was wrong that needed correcting. It says to give them 5 days for a response so, I'm anxious to hear back from them. If I don't get a response in that time frame I will go directly to her office.

Putting things like this in writing is often more powerful. It's easier to ignore a verbal request because there is no concrete proof it even exists.

To me this is a case of CYA. Changing your records is an admission that she blew the diagnosis. It's probably time for a change.

That's exactly what I believe is her problem. She doesn't want to admit she gave me the wrong diagnoses.

Wow...sorry you had to go through that Shawnmarie. At first diagnosis,I was testing 1-2 times a day also. But, unlike you I was on metformin because she thought I was T2.

When I kept bringing in my finger test results with very high bg's to my PCP she didn't believe what I was writing down so, she made me get an on the spot check in her office. Guess she thought I was "cheating" on my finger sticks. I was so sick and to think all I needed was insulin to make me better. And now, I'm angry that she waited so long to send me to an Endo. I didn't know better at the time. I grew up never being sick or going to the doctor so, this was all very new to me.

I would write an old fashioned letter, and mail it. I would also make a copy of that letter and bring it to my next appointment and ask the doc to sign it, and make a copy of the signed letter for yourself and watch while she puts the letter in your chart. Charts are going to computerized so that could be part of the trouble, but the letter can be scanned and added that way. Bring that letter wherever you go. I'd also find a new doc. Good luck.

Thanks, Karen....I believe I will take your advice, also.

I have an endo at the Joslin strictly for D and D related stuff. Prescriptions for pump and Dexcom, insulin etc. I have a PCP for just about everything else. I am changing PCP's next month because the one I have has gotten to be just too expensive. It is a boutique practice and I was paying extra on top of my insurance and copays to be able to get same day appointments and be able to call her day or night, but I am not really using her enough to justify the extra cost so I picked a new PCP who coincidentally is also board certified in endocrinology. While I won't see her for D stuff I'll see her for the occasional bronchitis and dreaded annual gyn appointment. I have a copy of my medical record and get a copy of my clinic note every time I see my endo so I know there are no mistakes. It seems as though most doctors are using electronic medical records that can be sent via email. But it sounds as though your PCP is an idiot - sorry that was not even close to politically correct - but I just don't understand why you would stay with a physician who so clearly didn't and doesn't treat you correctly.

I'm so glad that you have options for finding a new PCP! Wishing you good luck in the search process!


What does your PCP have to do with your Diabetes? I only see my PCP once in a great while to get a standard physical. He does not want any dealings with my Bete's and I agree. The University clinic I go to requires that I have a assigned PCP but I don't think he has ever done anything but give me referrals to other doctors in the UTSW system. I like the new computer records and every doctor and nurse reviews them and asks if they are correct and if I need anything changed.

On the other hand I never stick with a doctor that is not capable of having a two way relation ship...I'm 60 and senor to most of my doctors, they respect me, and I respect them. If I call or email them I better get a prompt response...

Get a new PCP.

I don't mean to be flippant -- just that, there really isn't any need to elaborate.

Many years ago my endo was my only doctor along with a OB-Gyn for having babies. Finally the health plan that I was in started requiring patients to have a PCP or an internal medicine doc to handle basic care and give referrals to endos. Given the shortage of endo’s in the USA, it is unrealistic to expect your endo to be your PCP. But maybe you do need to find a new PCP.

PCPs(Family Doctors,GPs) are not trained in Diabetes care except for a couple weeks basic training. That is totally inadequate for all the problems that can arise due to Diabetes.

I've dropped some Doctors through the years like others because they were not up to par or just downright scary. A few years ago, my previous GP for example(and my Daughter's) gave me an incorrect antibiotic for a UTI which lead to me getting blood poisoning.

Another example, I mentioned to my Daughter about getting tests done for Diabetes and Rheumatoid Arthritis. She asked him and he said that young People don't get those types of diseases. OMG! DROPPED!

I'd put your PCP in the scary category. As mentioned, a PCP is for other ailments that People come across like broken bones, flu, infections, etc. Endos normally look after problems directly associated with Diabetes(unless they are Really nice and have time for others). Each Diabetic should have a good Endo or at least an Internist who preferrably specializes in Diabetes. Someone who works with you. I do realize Endo's have become scarcer unfortunately. No time like the present to look for one! Good Luck!

As mentioned, a PCP is for other ailments that People come across like broken bones, flu, infections, etc.
You forgot shrapnel. Big omission.