PCOS and T1D

My 23 year old T1D daughter just got diagnosed with PCOS on one of her ovaries. She always had problems with irregular periods and hirutism but her pediatric endo said everything was normal with her after a bunch of test during her growing years. Fast forward… She goes off to work out of town and within a year this happens. She is slim, keeps herself fit by exercising everyday, and has a great A1C of 6.5-6.8 always . I am so confused and feel very very sad. What is the prognosis having both these conditions for.a lean person?

Here are two articles I found . The second one from the ADA looks to be more pertinent. Perhaps these will answer your question or look at the references and see if any of those links might help.

From what I read it looks like PCOS in girls Diagnosed with T!D is more common than other instances.



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I remember reading years ago about a link to PCOS to type 1 or type 2. Here are a couple of articles I found looking now. I believe years ago I read that is you had PCOS, you had a higher risk of developing both type 1 and especially type 2.

Unfortunately hormones out of whack makes it more difficult to control your BG levels.

The link between polycystic ovary syndrome and both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes mellitus: what do we know today? - PubMed.

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