Type 1 Diagnosed Age

I have recently been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 36. I have always been in good health and was just wondering if there were other Type 1's who have been diagnosed at this age or older?

I was diagnosed with type 1 when I was 23. I think nowadays it’s not unusual to develop “juvenile” diabetes when you are grown, but there are a bunch of doctors who don’t know that. Don’t worry about your age! Welcome to the club! :slight_smile:

38 for me, sorry you have joined the club.

You win Don! Its been about 8 months now with T1..starting to get my head around it.....the worst is the leg cramps at night

There are a lot of us out there. T1 isn't a childhood disease, and I'd wager that a lot of people diagnosed T2 who end up on insulin are actually undiagnosed T1s. I was diagnosed T2 at age 41, and then correctly diagnosed T1 at age 45. I pushed to get on insulin while diagnosed T2 because metformin+low car diet+exercise didn't work, and then it was another year or so before I got the T1 diagnosis,

I never get leg cramps but it doesn't surprise me. Early on after dx, I experienced several low symptoms that I thankfully no longer suffer: one was I would sweat through my t-shirts so badly, it ruined them (under the armpits) and the other was the low would hit me so hard it seemed like I was speaking too fast.

For the leg cramps, try pickle juice, potassium, and or magnesium supplements, and drink plenty of H2O.

Cheers, I have started taking Magnesium at night which seems to help.

yep, I was 30. Weird, huh? But there are a lot of us out there...

I was 58 at diagnosis. I was misdiagnosed as Type 2 due solely to my age.

Zoe, you have definitely won this competition..nice work

I was 35 when I was diagnosed with Type 1. We who are diagnosed as adults are the vast but overlooked majority! It is not a childhood disease.

Thanks, Shoehorn; I knew something wasn't right when the oral meds stopped working and my BG went up only 15 months in. I figured it out myself.

you just cant trust these Endos

I was 34 and thought I was in good shape (bullet Proof) until I started loosing weight and got deathly ill. I lived a very questionable life style when younger so I have a long list of questionable behavior to blame it on...but I don't regret my childhood, even though I probably pushed it way to far, way to long, and had way too much fun according to some of my doctors...I'm Just l product of the 60's.....

I was diagnosed in 2009 at age 59. Just had my 5th year anniversary.

It sounds like you are blaming your choices for developing T1? I have never heard of an association with lifestyle factors. I have had many people ask me "DId you eat a lot of sugar when you were young?" looking for a reason I developed T1. The answer is "no," my mom was a real health foodie, but even if it were yes, would that matter?

I was 60, dx as T1 right off the bat

I have seen the statistics on age at diagnosis. They are for Scotland, but I would imagine they will be pretty similar whatever the country.

Highest rate of new Type 1 diagnoses is for the age range 10-19. However, the rate of new cases of T1 in the range 20-29 is still pretty high (over a third that of the teenagers) and there are plenty of new cases in the 30's and 40's even. One case over 70!

The idea that new cases of T1 are unusual in people over 20 and rare once they pass 30 just doesn't hold up if you look at the actual numbers. It's still relatively common into middle age.


I was diagnosed at the age of 30. Received a T1 diagnosis immediately and luckily avoided the T2 "scenic tour."