PDM Woes

Was having trouble with my PDM all week. Worked at it and worked at it. Checked adsorbtion and site placement and used up several pods. Narrowed it down to a problem with the PDM. It was giving meter readings 30 points and more lower than 2 other meters. Then I would start with 1.35 units per hour and go to 2.70 units per hour in a matter of hours. I called customer support and they overnighted a new PDM. Just b4 receiving it I had a terrible low and and de-activated my pod. 3 hours later and firing up a new pod, I was at 82. Been connected to new PDM and a fresh pod for 2 hours. BG at 67. New PDM working fine. Lowered basal initially to .75 and am now at .65 units per hour and doing hourly tests. Huge difference from 2.70 units. We shall see. Customer Support, as always, has been great. They even sent me 10 pods with the new PDM. Will call in the morning to see if it comes out of my next order or if they are being generous!! Haha
Just wondering if this was part of the cause of my horrible summer or if it suddenly went on the blink.
Just glad it is working wonderfully.

I don't understand any of what you wrote. PDM malfunction? "Then I would start with 1.35 units per hour and go to 2.70 units per hour in a matter of hours." What, you or the PDM?

Hi Marty,
I'm just trying to understand.

The PDM meter was telling you than you were about 30 mg/dl lower than other meters. Then you manually increased your basal from 1.35 to 2.7 u/h. Why? Should you have lowered it? Then you had a bad low. Maybe the PDM was correct after all?

Again, I'm just trying to understand.


Sorry about not being clear. I knew something was wrong. The pdm showed me at say 110 but my other meters were around 140ish so I would raise my basal. when it kept going up, I continued to increase my basal rate and it would still go up. I went like this for about a week. ups and downs, changing pods and sites and getting very different readings on my other 2 different meters. So I was thinking that the insulin the PDM said I was receiving wasn't what I was actually receiving. That's why I changed pods and sites but still had the same thing happen. Then earlier tonight, I went low cuz I guess that the PDM started working and basal was too high. Now, with the new PDM, I am at .65 units per hour (lowest I have ever had a basal rate) and my bg is 72 and I feel great. This is why I believe that my old PDM was giving up the ghost. All is well now though.

OK, I get it. Thanks. Yes, it seems like the Abbott FreeStyle meter in the PDM had an issue. I'm glad it got solved! Cheers.